The most recent legendary Pokemon to be revealed was Meltan, a small bolt-like creature with a metal body. Now we’ve learned it has an evolution and it’s massive.

The large Pokemon called Melmetal weights 1,763.7 and is 2.5 meters tall. It’s a steel Pokemon that can create metal at will and was worshipped for this talent. Its unique attack is called Iron Bash which can attack an opponent twice.

You can evolve Meltan into Melmetal for 400 candies, which are earned by catching Meltan through Mystery Box and sending him to Professor Willow or walking around as a buddy. Meltan will also be available in the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Let’s Go Eevee!

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Let’s Go Eevee! launches on November 16th for Nintendo Switch.