‘Tis the month to get spooky, and Blizzard is wasting no time to get in the Halloween Spirit. Overwatch‘s Halloween Event is beginning October 9th and is running until Halloween itself.

As usual, the Halloween Terror event brings the regular seasonal costumes for the large cast of heroes. The official Overwatch Twitter account posted a small teaser suggesting that this years co-op event might be a bit different. You can check that out below.

In past years, Halloween Terror has been a brawl-type co-op event, played on a redesigned Eichenwalde map. Teams of four will fight against waves of robots (zombie robots, naturally) with the occasional boss fight against a costumed Reaper, Symmetra, Roadhog, Mercy, and Junkrat.

The teaser video released Tuesday appears to show a spookified version of Chateau Guillard, the most recent deathmatch map released. There are also rumors flying around on social media that Junkenstein’s Monster may have found himself a bride.

Will there be new skins?

You can check out the most recent skins released for the event here. Time will tell if we get some new ones released for the 2018 event.


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