October is one of the best months in the year. Things get spooky, the air gets a little colder, and more importantly, the hot new video games start dropping! Speaking of all things horror, scary things come in many different forms. There’s the straightforward almost traditional ‘spooky character x relentlessly chases me in its pursuit to make me ruin my pants’. There are the psychological aspects that make you ask questions like: “What if I’m the killer?” “Did any of this happen?” “Did I smear those weird looking substances on the wall?”. Sometimes things are on the simpler side like the achievements of a game were so easy it was scary. Okay, that last one is a little bit of a stretch, but let’s take a look at some games that won’t make checking your bank account a frightening task.

Perception (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)

Unique to its’ core Perception follows the story of a blind woman. More importantly, that blind woman, named Cassie, is out to figure out why this house and the events that take place inside of it keep appearing in her nightmares. This game features a very minimalistic environment. Perception is in the first person perspective and since the main character Cassie is blind the player can only see in echolocation similar to a bat. I’ve mentioned how much time, effort and care the team put into this game so if you are still on the fence please read the review we have done for it. Better yet drop the twenty dollars yourself and try to solve Cassie’s nightmares.

Perception Review

White Noise 2 ( Xbox One, PC)

It’s always great to see sequels improving upon what the original has built. White Noise 2 brings larger maps, new and improved monsters with better A.I., more importantly, you can enjoy all of that with friends. Players can also control the monster now which means now you can scare your friends in the virtual world! Player customization is new as well, allowing players to customize their survivor and the flashlight they hold some of which have different effects. Those range from stunning the monster longer, allowing the player to move faster, etc. Torture your friends and prevent them from finding the needed items to escape for only ten dollars. If you are unsure of the game check out the full review I did below.

White Noise 2 Review

Infliction (PC)

Infliction doesn’t officially release until the 18th, but it looks set to be one of the best horror games to come out of 2018. Set in a suburban setting the game looks fantastic and seems to bring forth the same guttural feelings PT was set up to deliver. Dubbed as an “interactive nightmare” Infliction will expose the horrors of a fractured and broken home. I can not wait to see how the game expands upon its terrifying demo. Seeing the ghost snap and contort before sprinting on her hands and feet like some sort of demonic dog is haunting. Join me in collectively ruining our jeans for what I am guessing will be between 20 to 30 dollars as no price is yet posted.

Jack N Jill DX ( Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)

This is the game I mentioned in the opening lines of this article. Jack N Jill DX has a scary easy achievement list. Even the most remedial player can wrap the achievements up in under half an hour. The goal of each level is super simple. Get whichever character to the end of the level so they meet up with the other character. The levels manage to get a little complex when spikes and enemies are finally added in, but that is mainly done to the fact that the character never stops moving once the level starts. They also only change direction once they hit a wall, which is kind of annoying.

Mini-games are required for two achievements but thankfully both can be grabbed in the first mini-game. The game requires you to just guide the character through the jumps and each time you complete the jumps they change and you have rewarded a ticket. Once you start you get an achievement and will less than a two-minute grind you can get the 25 tickets required to purchase what you need in the games’ store for the next achievement. Pad your gamerscore with an easy 1000 score for about five dollars.

Pick of The Month: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

If you are like me and you know you can’t get as many of the holiday season’s huge releases then snagging the one that will last you the longest is key. That is the case for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This year’s entry into the franchise drops the campaign, but before that sets off all the alarms in your noggin, let’s talk about what it does bring to the table. The signature Call of Duty Multiplayer is back! No more jetpacking, wall running, bs from past entries. Straight up boots on the ground firefights. In addition to that new weapons, improved perks, and operator specific abilities manage to meld the feeling of familiarity and something new seamlessly.

While I have not seen much in the way of zombies, what we have seen looks amazing. A story set on the Titanic as well as zombie animals and a remodeled version of Mob of The Dead makes the mode look promising. The biggest talking and selling point for the game is Blackout. Call of Duty’s entry into the battle royal foray is almost flawless. While the armor systems needed a small rework; the map is a wonderful amalgamation of past Black Ops locations and characters, several vehicle types, an intuitive inventory system and something unique, Zombies. Several locations and the undead themselves show up. Zombies can only spawn at specific locals and players have a chance to get to the mystery box and claim special weapons. Not only that there seems to be a raid boss mechanic. If a player sticks around long enough they may be lucky enough to have a special infected pop-up and attack. If they are lucky enough to kill it special loot may drop that will help the player later on. I can talk on and on about the game but please consider dropping the sixty dollars for this game and check it out for yourself. Feel free to check out our review of the game which drops later this week.

See that wasn’t so bad, your wallet isn’t cowering in a corner after buying these games. Well, I hope not, if it is you have a way bigger problem then being broke, seriously poltergeists are no joke. In all seriousness, I hope you try out some of these games or at the very least grab Black Ops 4. Treat yourself this Halloween.

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