LEGO DC Super-Villains takes a lot of the similar aspects of past games in the franchise with a DC villain twist. The child-friendly humor and lack of challenge are still here with little variation from the core mechanics but delivers a solid adventure full of witty banter. LEGO DC Super-Villains doesn’t innovate but takes that the same factors to give gamers exactly what is expected from the series.

Simple Yet Funny

LEGO DC Super-Villains has every possible DC villain at the player’s disposal. Each one has their own LEGO twist to their iconic personality brought to life thanks to an amazing collection of voice work from Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamil, Tara Strong, and even Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller. The soundtrack shares a similar quality to complement each situation the player is placed into.

The story follows the Justice Syndicate, an organization that takes over after the Justice League goes missing. The story is predictable and features a lot of easy to follow jokes to appeal to the PG audience the game is targeted towards. However, the narrative is complemented with the beautiful LEGO brink atmosphere and animation that overshadows much of the adventure’s shortcomings. Those who’ve experienced the darker DC universe might be turned off by the light-hearted tone but those who give the narrative a chance will find a lot of moments worth smiling about. Seeing characters take themselves apart to change body parts is just as mesmerizing as ever.

Over 100 Characters

Players start off with a custom character before diving into the adventure. If you’re more interested in playing the iconic DC base you won’t be tethered to the custom character except for very specific situations. Like other LEGO games, players are given ample free range for what character to pick. Many of them share unique features such as Joker’s gun and Lex Luthor’s hover boots but the game is designed to ensure that players can generally pick whoever they want.

Don’t expect much of a challenge as death carries little consequence, respawning right after death, and puzzles usually involve using a specific character’s talents. For example, only certain characters can recruit henchmen and some can unlock specific locks. Most enemies offer nothing more than simple roadblocks and can be defeated with basic melee attacks. It’s nothing too taxing but complements the theme of being a child-friendly adventure.

Collect Everything

The world is separated into sections within an open world. Players can travel through iconic areas within the DC universe such as Gotham and Metropolis with their own interiors. You can get around by summoning a vehicle or stealing one, making travel easy. Missions and optional objectives are available along with lots of collectables. Trophy and achievement hunters will find a lot to complete if they wish to 100% the game. It’s nothing new from other LEGO games but it’s done just as well here.

An Adventure for Everyone

LEGO DC Super-Villains delivers a charming and playful adventure overflowing with DC villains. It doesn’t innovate the formula with anything revolutionary but still delivers a fun and enjoyable adventure. The difficulty is lacking and the child-friendly atmosphere may turn off those who are more interested in DC’s darker lore. However, LEGO DC Super-Villains provides a comical and easy adventure full of clever moments.

LEGO DC Super-Villains Review
  • Charming Atmosphere
  • Lots of Characters
  • Excellent Voice Actors
  • Very Easy
  • Similar Concepts
  • Lack of Unique Character Attacks
8Overall Score
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