After the massive success of Fallout 4 fans have been hungry for any news for future projects within the franchise. When Fallout 76 was announced fans were first livid then skeptical about the multiplayer approach to the single-player franchise. We recently had the chance to play the B.E.T.A. and we can say it’s nothing to worry about but also nothing exciting.

A Whole New World

Fallout 76 has players taking control of a random dweller of Vault 76, the first vault to open to the new world after the bombs fell. Players are sent into the world to rebuild civilization using the tools available to them. The B.E.T.A. gave us a glimpse into the story, you’re charged with tracking down your Vault Overseer who is missing and secure 3 missile silos that house deadly nuclear missiles.

The story pushes along but from what we experience it mostly involved fetch and travel quests. Heading to specific locations to interact with unique items or defeat enemies. Fallout 76 still had the sense of discovery when traveling throughout West Virginia and the areas we saw definitely peaked out interest although there were still notable closed buildings.

Another major issue is interacting with these items. Since only one player can use an object it can be frustrating to wait your turn when trying to use a terminal or crafting station. It also leaves you exposed to player attacks especially in open areas. We can see players actively camping story mission-related areas since some of them are in open places.

Rebuilding America

The mission we experience provided us with the basic tutorials. Returning is the survival mechanics found in Fallout: New Vegas’ hardcore mode where players have to eat and drink to survive. It works well but to complement the system items has been reduced, most notably healing items, in favor of food and water that must be treated before consumption or face adverse effects.

More emphasis is put into crafting and looting resources to craft items. Resources are plentiful but money and raw material have been reduced, making looting specific items much more essential. You can create a base of operations using the C.A.M.P. but due to other player threat, this served more of an issue, especially if you play alone.

It does look dated though. It’s hard to ignore the similarities between Fallout 76 and Fallout 4 right down to those teasing meal machines.

V.A.T.S and Leveling

V.A.T.S. has changed from the original concept. To complement the multiplayer VATS no longer slows down everyone around but not is actively part of the action. Players can target specific limbs and enemy players using an automatic system. The accuracy of shots are not only determined by your stats but also where your targeting reticle is, meaning aiming outside the character’s model will decrease your accuracy.

Leveling has changed to include card packs. You still increase into skills and earn specific perks but players earn card packs through progression to unlock perks that can be leveled up to 3 times, each one boosting its potency. You can only use a specific amount of perks and the card system does encourage the use of skills you would normally ignore. It doesn’t hinder the experience and although you lose some control the randomness did give me the chance to try out perks we would never use but learn their usefulness. And you’re not limited to that perk and can swap them out at will.

Technical Issues

This is a B.E.T.A. so issues were expected. Surprisingly connecting was easy and joining other players was simple. The world was problematic with graphical errors and frequent slowdowns. In addition, it was common to see NPCs dart across the world. We only experienced one hard crash during the end of the testing period but we expect this was intentional.

Fallout Multiplayer

Fallout 76 does have that thrill of discovery but the opening hours we experienced were hindered with bland fetch and kill missions. This could be Bethesda opening easy cut-and-paste missions for gamers before providing the more elaborate missions. The B.E.T.A. did give us a decent taste of what is to come but hopefully the final product will feature more variety to the missions and less graphical hiccups.

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