Those looking to dress up like Nero, Dante, or V from Devil May Cry V can do so with authentic coats from Capcom. It’ll only cost you about $8,000 each.

Called the Master Model Replica Costume, the V’s edition will cost ¥ 600,000 (yen) or $5,300 USD. Nero’s will cost ¥ 750,000 or $6,000 USD. Lastly, series protagonist Dante whose Ultra Limited Edition will cost ¥ 900,000 or $8,000 USD. The cheapest limited edition you can grab a copy of the game along with an E-Capcom Limited edition “classic work shirt” for ¥ 11,852 or about $100.00 USD. This shirt includes two front pockets, the Devil May Cry title and the wings logo on the back. Just purchasing the shirt is ¥ 7,222 or around $64.00 USD.

Each jacket has been intricately crafted to match the video game adaption, right down to the tore fabric. However, these editions only include the game and jacket, nothing else.

Pre-orders are open by emailing and will run until November 19th. So if you have thousands of dollars laying around and want the best cosplay jacket for your DMC cosplay then your prays have been answered.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on March 8th, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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