If you’re not quite savvy at puzzle games or tower climbing while being chased by demonic dream monsters gives you too much stress, don’t worry. Catherine: Full Body is introducing new difficulty options to let anybody enjoy the experience.

An update to the official webpage now shows videos of new frustration-free features: auto-play, auto-undo, retry assist, and show lines. You can get a quick taste of them here.

Auto-play does what the name suggests. Once you enable it, the game does the thinking for you and moves accordingly. This feature may only be used on Safety and Easy difficulties.

Most Catherine players won’t really get the “Game Over” screen from walking into traps. Normally, they’ll probably hit the Undo button moments before disaster. With the new “Auto-Undo” feature, though, you won’t need to push the button yourself. The game will automatically Undo when you walk into a trap and set you back a few moments before.

This feature works in every difficult except for Hard.

“Retry Assist” will let you retry the game from the exact spot you died. Previously, you could only revive from a Checkpoint.

“Show Lines” is an extra UI feature that helps you climb ledges. Essentially, when you’re hanging from a ledge, you can see a thin blue line displaying blocks that are climbable.

Finally, the game offered a few details on Arrange mode and “Safety” difficulty.

The Safety difficulty is much like Easy, but it removes time limits, traps, and makes a “Game Over” impossible. As for Arrange mode, it offers new layouts for the levels that use new types of blocks. This mode will offer veterans a completely new puzzle experience, while also having the original puzzles available as well.

Catherine: Full Body will launch for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on February 14, 2019. A 2019 western release has been greenlit, but they haven’t confirmed a date yet.