The Yakuza series creator, Toshihiro Nagoshi, has been teasing a new “completely different” title that’ll shock fans of his previous games. Now, after Nagoshi’s on stage appearance at the Game Show PlayStation LineUp Tour, we now know what it is.

The game has been officially revealed as Project JUDGE in the west. It’s another hard-boiled adventure set in modern-day Tokyo, but this time, it’s not about the thug life. It’s a courtroom thriller-themed action game.

Players will take control of Takayuki Kagami, a detective. They’ll return to the Yakuza series’ familiar setting of Kamurocho, but from a fresh new perspective. The story follows a serial murder case, which will put gamers’ investigative skills to the test.

Before you write it off as a gritty Ace Attorney, you simply need to see the gameplay. While you’re collecting evidence, you’ll need to tail targets, disguise yourself, engage in exciting chases, and even brawl your way through.

Project JUDGE is the first new IP by Nagoshi’s Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio since 2012. The team has spent over three years developing this title and designed it with their philosophy of “creating enjoyable games that address mature themes.” Nagoshi has also described it as a project he’s wanted to make for a long time.

Project JUDGE is PS4 exclusive. It’ll have an Asian region release on December 13, and it’ll release in the west in 2019.

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