Marvel’s Spider-Man final boss is both an emotional fight and a challenging one. You’ll be facing Peter’s friend, mentor, and father figure Doctor Otto Octavius. Now completely consumed by his rage and anger Spider-Man must stop him and retrieve the cure to Devil’s Breath. Here’s how to defeat the mad doctor in spectacular mode.

The fight begins with Otto attempting to keep Spider-Man at close range. Your goal is to keep your distance and web his mechanical limbs to open the Doctor up to attack. If you get too far he’ll throw pieces of Oscorp’s building at you, but you can throw them back for extra damage and stun him.

Once enough damage is done Otto will climb the pillar in the center of the arena and begin electrifying the floor. Swing on the rods around the arena and throw back any debris Otto throws at you to stun the doctor. Keep up the attack until the next phase.

The fight will move to the side of Oscorp’s building. No special tricks or moves, just simple dodging and attacking. Play defensively and avoid Otto’s swings, all while attacking when he’s open and you’ll eventually succeed.

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