It seems everything was going Clementine and A.J.’s way. In the first episode they found a new community with people who welcomed them, unfortunately, things fell apart at the end. Suffer the Children has Clementine and A.J. facing the consequences of their actions and attempting to atone for their deeds. It doesn’t provide anything monumentally new in terms of gameplay but takes a more personal direction, allowing Clementine to establish a relationship with new survivors.

Are You a Murderer?

Suffer the Children takes place after the events of the first episode. Clementine and A.J. are facing the fallout after A.J. killed Marlon. A.J. is going through a crisis, unable to determine if he was in the wrong while the group suffers from the anxiety of not only losing Marlon but the revelation that he betrayed them. The forces Clementine to serve as a teacher for A.J. to understand what he did and take a stance with the group.

This fracture within the group allows Clementine to not only better understand everyone’s position but develop her own bond with each of the characters. Most of the focus remains on Louis and Violent with the others usually staying for one-off objectives or completely tossed aside unless the plot calls for them.

Most of the focus remains on A.J. and how he reacts towards killing Marlon. It constantly haunts him and looks to Clementine for answers. Eventually, he develops his own stance on the matter and grows as a character. He’s naive but takes Clementine’s teachings to heart but doesn’t know how to properly use them. This uncertainty leaves the group uneasy as they have no idea if they can trust him.

Same Day to Day Activities

Much of the game remains the same. Puzzles have been limited to fetch quests and collectibles have been reduced. Instead, the focus is placed mostly on building relationships and combat. Fighting hasn’t changed with Clementine gaining access to a new weapon that makes taking out Walkers easier but it plays mostly the same.

Black and White, Very Little Gray

Choices are present here but most of them rely on developing a relationship. Whether Clementine can establish a bond with the someone or turn them into a rival. Most of the choices are black and white with clear indications of whether your decision will come off as nurturing or aggressive. With the exception of the final choice, many of these decisions are plain.


Suffer with Children builds tension and explodes with a giant finale. It’s not as shocking as the previous episode’s ending but the amount of information and personal relationships developed easier create a large sense of who these people are why Clementine should, or should not, care. The choices are plain but choosing who you want to be a friend allows the player to branch the story in multiple ways. Hopefully, we’ll get to see what happens next and this won’t be the last time we see Clementine.

Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 2 Suffer the Children Review
  • Personal Relationships
  • Strong Branching Paths
  • Character Building
  • Black and White Decisions
  • No Preview for Upcoming Episode
  • Lack of Mid-Start Checkpoints
8.5Overall Score
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