If you have ever wished for the old days of 90s arcade-style fighters, your wish may have been granted. Well, almost. Super Combat Fighter has announced that they have launched their Kickstarter to get the game finished and published.

Super Combat Fighter is an over-the-top, content packed, amalgamation of every digitized 2D fighting game from the 90’s and more. Bringing back and featuring digitized fighters, loud announcers, classic 2D gameplay, ridiculous mods, cheat codes, easter eggs, and plenty of C-C-C-C-COMBOS – it will engage both the nostalgia within, and any modern gamer wanting to give their friends a legendary beatdown!”

The game is in development but boasts a roster of different characters and various game modes that put a spin on the classic 1v1 formula that we know so well. The game isn’t just a normal fight, they have the multi-layered combat experience, for example. They have created a delightfully silly “Giant Mode,” in which you’ll fight over energy orbs that make your character grow to massive proportion.

They have even added their first celebrity fighter to the roster. Yes, they added Ernie Reyes Jr, who has battled alongside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Many fans have probably seen recently in that Uncharted Short Fan Film with Nathan Fillion.

Richard James Cook, the developer, who has been interviewed here at Gaming Access Weekly, for his film, Surviving Indie, created a pretty hilarious trailer for his game that pokes fun at the late 80s/early 90s, but it also shows some great behind the scenes stories for Super Combat Fighter. Take a look:

If you’re ready to kick some ass, and donate to help an amazing indie title, you can head on over to Super Combat Fighter’s Kickstarter page. Stay tuned to Gaming Access Weekly for more updates and for all your gaming needs.

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