The Daybreak DLC brings out the best in State of Decay 2. Players take control of a Red Talon squad and are tasked with holding their ground while their designated techie downloads some needed files. As simple as that seems State of Decay 2 manages to make that formula challenge players in satisfying and distinguished ways. Let’s take a look what at worked and what could have been tweaked just a little bit to make the game an even better experience.

For Starters

At the start of the game, players choose a loadout from the available unlocked guns. More of them can be unlocked in-game by just surviving rounds and earning the in-game points, which also transfer to the main game from my understanding. From there the player loads in and can rummage around in the three containers that hold extra supplies while the techie and characters around talking about why they are there and establish the whole missions reasons for existing.

Something to note here is the extremely limited amount of wall repair kits in those cases. Make them last! Those repair kits will keep the undead flesh addicts from getting in and taking out your team and more importantly your technician. Once they die it is all over, so using those kits in a smart and planned out manner is key to surviving. You can get more kits in drops that occur but keep in mind they might be one or two every so often.

Despite the fact that players are Talon soldiers with above average endurance and equipment that doesn’t mean those playing the game will have an easier time against the horde, and that is amazing. I made the mistake during my first attempt at burning through all my ammo. I figured I had enough in the crates to survive if I sat on top of the nearby platforms and just shot down at everything.

Soon I encountered my first juggernaut and realized I had nothing left. After I had lost I rebooted and tried a new strategy of using one of the superb and satisfying to use melee weapons. I hopped over the wall and went to town on the horde. That worked wonders in terms of the longevity of my survival. It’s worth bringing this up, just to talk about how unlikely it is for players to survive all the way to the end on the first try. Players need to learn and improve on their mistakes in order to make it to the end. The achievement list for this DLC proves that as well. There are numerous “survive x amount of waves” style achievements which are a testament to how re-playable this DLC is.

Breaking it Down

The imperfections of the DLC are generally minute when talking about the DLC as a whole. Take for instance something odd I noticed as the waves went on. Players can only enter and exit the siege point through three certain climbable obstacles. The rest of the walls deteriorate and visibly would look like something the player could grab and climb. The easiest explanation for that design choice was to keep enemies like the Feral from being able to just leap any wall, this way keeps them on a sort of predictable path making them a little easier to track.

It is kind of difficult to gauge how changing the juggernauts up a bit would affect the DLC. Pushing the first appearance of the juggernaut back a level would help the player, however, they would also have to reduce their frequency by a level. The juggernaut starts appearing on the third round of the siege and if players are paying enough attention they can dispatch it with minimal damage done to the walls. From there they appeared nearly every level for me, more often than not being my ultimate demise. They would break down a wall and open the floodgates for the zombies to enter the gate, surround the technician and lead to a game over.

I understand the purpose of the DLC is to have the player fight a seemingly overwhelming amount of infected, but the juggernauts frequency and placement in the horde seems a little overbearing. Simply having them appear at the beginning or end of the wave would help balance them out a bit.

Speaking of the end of a round therein lies the last thing that left a foul taste in my mouth. More than once the voice over would say the round had ended when I still had multiple zombies left on my screen. This really wouldn’t have been bad if there were only five or less on the screen, but when I am sprinting around trying to dodge a feral and a small gang of the undead starting the timer for me to repair walls and get gear before the next wave is more than a little bit of a nuisance. The easiest way to fix that is to not start the timer until the last body falls.

Closing Thoughts

Undead Labs has created a fantastic DLC that highlights what makes their game standout. Alone or with friends the terror of an overwhelming horde, the fight for survival, the close quarter’s combat; all of that and more is present in this DLC. For those of you that may have felt a little let down by the base game at first, I sincerely hope the fixes that have been made as well as this DLC brings you back around. State of Decay 2 is a satisfying sequel to the outstanding original game and the Daybreak DLC shows that Undead Labs and Microsoft have no intention of calling off the horde any time soon.

State of Decay 2: Daybreak DLC Review
The Good
  • Exciting Horde Play
  • Superb Amount of Replay
  • Introduces Blood Plague Juggernauts
The Bad
  • Odd That Broken Walls Can't Be Climbed by Player
  • Round Ends When There Are Still Enemies Present
8Overall Score
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