That slow burn of summer is almost over and on the horizon is an armada of great games, some of which have the potential to be revolutionary. As for right now, we have some time to kill before those games finally grace us with their presence. So now the question is, “how are we going to kill that time?” Personally, I am doing my best to kill time with the single player and story heavy games. With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 just three weeks away, I am doing my best to not get burnt out on multiplayer games before. Below are some of the games I am playing to kill that time leading up to Black Ops 4. They’re all worthwhile and enjoyable experiences that won’t break your budget.

State of Decay 2 (PC/Xbox One)

Much to my dismay, this game seems to not be getting the reception it deserves. The sequel took the solid foundation the original and added even more to it. On top of an improved base inventory system, smarter AI, and car repair the game also boasts new locations for players to roam and survive. Three fully unique maps are at the player’s disposal at the beginning of the game. After choosing one to play in, players then choose the starting members of their groups. From there you are dropped into a living, breathing, chaotic world that is hungry for your demise. State of Decay 2 also boasts newly infected called the Blood Plague. They are notably more powerful and gather into new types of infestations in buildings. They’re a pain to eradicate but doing so is all for the better.

The team at Undead Labs also dropped a new DLC recently, titled Daybreak that takes the game to higher places! While it wasn’t a perfect game, it launched with bugs and lag issues, I hope you take the time to get informed about the game either through our review of the game or by seeing some gameplay of it. Should you decide to buy it you can grab it now for thirty dollars.

State of Decay 2 Review

Wolf Among Us (Mobile, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC)-

I like my fables like my life, dark, gritty and full of swear words. Telltale had something special with the Wolf Among Us. It follows Bigby, also known as The Big Bad Wolf, as he looks to figure out who is murdering fables. This isn’t some b.s. Disney game there’s bar brawls, domestic violence, complicated romances, even a strip club. Fables bleed and die like the rest of us as Bigby and Snow White dig deep into a huge conspiracy that leads up to one of the most satisfying games to ever come out of Telltale’s studio. How did Bloody Mary tie into it? What were Tweedle Dee and Dumb doing? Why did Beast become such a douche? Find out all those answers in more if you are willing to spend the twenty-five dollars on this amazing tale.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead (Series) (Mobile, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC, Switch)-

Speaking of Telltale Games they also did a four-game series set in The Walking Dead universe. The first one follows the story of Lee as he gets thrust into a zombie outbreak as well as an unsuspecting guardianship of one of the strongest and most well-written characters in recent years. Clementine starts off like a scared and timid child in this new and frightening apocalypse, but under the guides of Lee and through many heartbreaking and horrifying experiences becomes one of the most caring and badass characters in gaming. Her story is woven into every game that has come out in this four-game series.

Season two focuses on her and a group she has joined. Season three sort of breaks away from her at first following a completely different group that runs into Clementine later on. It’s at that moment that players of the series can really sit back and appreciate the subtle ways that Telltale has shown time elapsing. Clementine has aged several years between her first appearance and that point in the story. She has experienced horrible, truly terrifying situations, yet simple things you and I experience every day allude her. If you want to go through this wonderfully crafted, gripping, hard choice filled masterpiece for yourself each game will run you about twenty dollars.

Resident Evil 6 (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC)-

Okay mention this game in front of die-hard fans and you are liable to get drop kicked. The game isn’t the best in the series and it is an arguable contender for worst, though I would wager Operation Raccoon City has that title under lock. In any light, this game does offer a super enjoyable cooperative journey. There are four playable campaigns that show each main character’s perspectives and what they were doing in each other’s stories. That means during Chris’s fight with the Insane Clown Posse’s disciples you can see what Jake and Sherry were doing in a completely different country before they met up with Leon.

As someone who has played the game multiple times, I can say that story-wise about half the game is enjoyable. Leon and Jake’s campaigns were far and above better than Ada’s and Chris’s. They worked really well together and could have been the only ones in the game and it would have worked. On the plus side with mild collectible hunting and guiding another player around, stopping to create perk classes, the whole game takes about thirty hours to complete. That’s a pretty solid action-horror experience for right around twenty dollars. Then go get some brain bleach, and by that I mean go play Resident Evil 7.

There is no pick of the month this time around. I was going to just put “go preorder Black Ops 4” but I have a bunch of Black Ops 4 related content slated for a later date so it felt a little tacky.

At this point, I would just like to say huge thank you to those who worked on the numerous games to come out of the Telltale Games studio. You all busted your asses to bring us incredible stories that became a huge part of my career here. I wish you all the best and hope you find work again soon. Please if nothing else check out the Telltale Games I listed above or search for any of their other games. They are all superbly done.

Alright, that does it for this month’s Games For Budget Gamers, I’ll see you all in the digital battlefields.