Overwatch’s new map is now officially of the test server and available on all gaming systems. Blizzard updated the liver server today, making the brand new control map available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new map, Busan, was featured during an Overwatch fan event held in South Korea. Along with the map, Blizzard revealed a new cinematic called Shooting Star, which showed a different side to D.Va. There are three main areas of Busan: a sanctuary, D.Va’s MEKA base, and a downtown area. The different play styles required for each area could make for exciting matches.

When will it be available in competitive mode?

As with all new additions, Busan will not be added to the competitive rotation for a couple weeks. This allows players to get used to it in quick play, the arcade, and custom games.

The Overwatch team also had a little fun with the release of the new map and cinematic featuring D.Va. A new skin and a couple sprays were made available during the D.Va Nano-Cola Challenge. Players had to win nine games to get the limited edition items. That challenge has since ended, however you can catch a glimpse of the skin and sprays in the Busan map.


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