Torbjörn has always been more of a defensive hero but the developers of Overwatch are looking to change that. With the latest update video detailing everything that the Activision Blizzard has been working on.

Narrated by game director Jeff Kaplan we learned that Torbjörn will no longer have access to his armor packs and the scrap feature is being removed. Instead, Overload will be replacing the ability that will charge Torbjörn to shoot faster and move quicker.

Molten Core will be altered, allowing Torbjörn to shoot 10 charges of magma on the floor that deals damage over time. Torbjörn’s rivet gun will also go through changes but Kaplan didn’t say what.

Torbjörn’s turret will also be altered. He’ll be able to toss the turret and will automatically build to level 2 without aid. Level 3 turrets have been removed. As always, these are testing features and are subject to change.

Halloween Terror will be returning this year with brand new skins. Kaplan teased that a new bride for Junkerstein’s monster will be added but didn’t say who would take on the role.

Lastly, Kaplan explained that the studio is working on more quality of life improvements such as colorblind options. With more colors being added to aid people who have a problem recognizing certain colors.

Overwatch is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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