Square Enix recently released a new trailer for their new IP, Left Alive, during Sony’s pre-Tokyo game show Playstation LineUp tour. A final teaser at the end of the trailer reveals the release date to be Febuary 28th, 2019. Not as soon as expected but hopefully well worth the wait.

To give a quick recap, Left Alive takes place in a city newly introduced to war. The streets are on fire, bullets careen through the sky like rain, and the only thing the main character can do is survive. This is not your typical TPS, though. The Director, Nabeshima-san, emphasized that the player would be able to choose how they want to play whether that be stealth or run and gun.

Square Enix was able to nab some serious heavy hitters of game design to work on this project. One of which is Yoji Shinkawa, an amazing artist known for his work on Metal Gear Solid. He will be working on character design as well as game play mechanics, which almost guarantees this game won’t be a total flop. Get ready to traverse the streets of a war zone on both PC and PS4 come February.

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