Insomniac’s first dive into the superhero genre has been a positive experience. The acclaimed developer of titles like Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive made another massive leap by creating one of the best superhero games with Marvel’s Spider-Man. However, how does it stack up against the final game in the acclaimed Batman Arkham series? Widely regarded as the best superhero franchise of all time does Marvel’s Spider-Man outshine the final installment in the Batman: Arkham series or will Insomniac need to step up in the game’s eventual sequel? Let’s find out.

Batman’s Final Adventure Versus Spider-Man’s Debut

Batman: Arkham Knight was one of the most anticipated titles of this generation. After the jaw-dropping end of Batman: Arkham City and Rocksteady confirming that Batman: Arkham Knight was the final game in the series many were hoping for a story that would maintain the series high-standards. The unfortunate the reality is it did not.

Batman: Arkham Knight narrative was crippled due to the identity of the Arkham Knight, which fans already predicted the identity of, which served as a primary plot within the game’s story. Joker and Batman’s mental match serves as a much more entertaining portion of the game, easily overshadowing Scarecrow. Marvel’s Spider-Man doesn’t suffer this issue of flow and predictability.

Marvel’s Spider-Man introduces a steady flow of personal and greater problems for Spider-Man to overcome. Everything serves a purpose and right till the end the narrative throws unexpected curveballs and shocking surprises, leading up to an emotional conclusion. Batman: Arkham Knight’s narrative is good but compared to the emotional rollercoaster in Marvel’s Spider-Man Insomniac left a lot of fans shocked and yearning for more.

Batmobile versus Web Swinging

Both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham Knight provides ample opportunity to use both Batman and Spider-Man’s numerous talents. Rocksteady provides ample options for both stealth and combat to highlight Batman’s resourcefulness and talents whereas Insomniac has Spider-Man performing acrobatic impossibilities while making snarky remarks and bad jokes.

Insomniac did a fantastic job on the traveling system, making web swinging throughout the city and heading to your objective was half the fun of the entire game. Rocksteady not only gave players the same gliding system from Batman: Arkham City but gave players the chance to use the Batmobile. Unfortunately, whereas traveling NY as Spider-Man never gets old the Batmobile eventually loses its appeal because of its overuse.

Most of the time in Batman: Arkham Knight players have to drag the Batmobile everywhere, sometimes literally. Making most of Batman’s adventure a giant escort mission for the Batmobile. This repetition is driven home by the overuse of armed tanks, one of which serves as a final battle between Deathstroke instead of what could’ve been an incredible 1v1 battle. Driving it everywhere is still a lot of fun but by the end of the game, the appeal of getting into the Batmobile becomes an afterthought, unlike swinging around as Spider-Man.

Winner: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Combat and Stealth

Both games offer their own style of combat. Marvel’s Spider-Man gives a great interpretation of Spider-Man’s Way of the Spider combat style that combines the use of his Spidey Sense, web gadgets, and basic melee attacks wRocksteady’sready’s iconic fighting system is still as rock solid as ever in Batman: Arkham Knight.

The differences are slight but make these two games very different. Insomniac’s system is much more forgiving and offers more breaks in the combo chain and giving the player more breathing room of how to customize their own preference combat style with custom suit modifiers and special attacks.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s is much more rigid, requiring absolute perfection to gain those powerful finishing moves and high combo chains. However, ironically, Batman is much more nimble in combat than Spider-Man, able to dash across the room to hit a target and delay their attack. This rhythmic flow is something Insomniac tries to mimic but cannot, not to the same degree of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Stealth in both games are night and day but Batman: Arkham Knight has more options and opportunities for creative tactics. Marvel’s Spider-Man gives Spider-Man a lot of options such as trip mines but compared to Batman’s wide array of tactics Spider-Man cannot compete.

Winner: Batman: Arkham Knight

Optional Objectives

Both games offered repetitive option objectives but with a common theme. Whether it’s repairing Harry’s research stations or investigating murder scenes with cryptic clues the optional missions in both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham Knight helped complement the core story and overall world.

Optional objectives in Marvel’s Spider-Man were great to play thanks to the incredible gameplay and Batman: Arkham Knight provided interesting payoffs such as unique boss battles. Marvel’s Spider-Man did the same but not for all, most providing tokens for more suit and gadget unlocks. It’s hard to argue one side over the other here since both games offered their own share of repetitive tasks with great payoffs and kept with the theme of the game and protagonist. In the end, it’s whether you liked playing as Batman or Spider-Man more.

Winner: Tie


Marvel’s Spider-Man is a stable game. Sounds like a trivial thing to highlight but modern releases tend to have flaws at release that later get patched out. Batman: Arkham Knight launched in such a shameful state that the PC version of the game was recalled within weeks of the game’s launch. The console versions fared better but were not without their flaws with Xbox One users specifically unable to play the game after a certain period unless all internal files were deleted from their system if they purchased a launch day Xbox One.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has its flaws, as do many open world games, but these issues were minimal. Floating NPCs, animation problems, and other issues were tawdry in comparison. Personally, I had 3 hard crashes during my spectacular playthrough but when compared to Batman: Arkham Knight’s release state Marvel’s Spider-Man worked.

Winner: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Closing Statement

Batman: Arkham Knight is a great game, in its current state, but the lukewarm ending to one of the most acclaimed superhero franchises of all time still left a sour taste in many gamer’s mouths. Marvel’s Spider-Man’s debut left a similar mark as the first Batman: Arkham Asylum and hopefully Insomniac will maintain its momentum until the very end.

Winner: Marvel’s Spider-Man

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