Labor Day, the first Monday in September, for those of you that don’t know why we have BBQ, and the banks are closed, it is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. While most of us still work, it is a yearly national tribute to the workers that usually die in Marvel movies. Here at Gaming Access Weekly, we know that a day off means a day that you can play some of our gaming backlogs. So we asked the staff around here “What game will you be playing on your day off?

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Streamer/Gaming Procrastinator

I play a lot of games. I have never had the time to sit and finish anything in the last few months. Life just keeps you busy. Also, the end of August was filled with some of the best indie titles I’ve ever played. That wasn’t the question though, was it? This Labor Day, since it is an American holiday I will play some Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Since destroying the Nazi regime seems like a good idea, and I always heard amazing things, I need to take the day and enjoy the mayhem that I missed when it came out. I also want to try playing through a little bit of Divinity: Original Sin II. I love a good fantasy game and I’ve been meaning to play through this as well, I figure I can get a few good hours in it since I’ll actually have the day off. Anyway, I’m sorry for those of you that will not have it off, I’ll play an extra hour for you. Happy Labor Day!

Allen Saunders
Editorials and Reviews Manager/ Was Born to Take it Easy

Originally, I was going to take this time to talk about how I was going to spend Labor Day weekend trying to get through Strange Brigade, however the game was so good I plowed through it in two six-hour sittings. If you have not played it I highly recommend going on that treasure hunting adventure! Instead of finishing that up I am going to be sinking my teeth into Neir: Automata. I originally avoided it because it didn’t seem like something I could get along with. It was on sale recently though so I decided to snag it and see what all the fuss is about. Okay, I have to be honest at this point, I may sneak in another playthrough of Strange Brigade. It was so well put together! It may just be my game of the year. For my brothers and sisters in retail and the food industry, stay strong you can make it through the long weekend. For everyone else be nice to those stuck working and enjoy your weekend.

Christopher Taylor
Staff Writer/ Current backlog sits at 48

This Labor Day weekend will be the perfect opportunity to finally playthrough Rise of the Tomb Raider. I had originally started the game several months ago, however, due to time and my older PC chugging on the lowest possible settings, it was not to be. Thanks to the holiday and better hardware I can finally dig into the highly rated sequel of the 2013 reboot. In fact, what better way to spend the holiday and hype myself up for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, being released this month, than playing through Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider back to back. Should time permit, modded Skyrim may also be playable this holiday weekend.

Javier Cruz
Staff Writer / Music Astronaut and Witcher Student

Labor Day, the perfect day to wake up early convincing myself I had enough sleep (yeah right) after only four hours since “sleep is overrated”. I will grab that Xbox One X controller and crank up DOOM. I still blame my gamer friends for not recommending me this shooter enough to make me play it upon release. Yup, this one is truly addicting folks! Nothing gets me more ready for a day of adulting than shooting a couple of demons in Mars. And guess what? Doom Eternal is just around the bend which gives more reason to immerse, might as well get on it better late than never! I regret avoiding this title at first since I thought I would have the same experience as Dead Space (which I lasted a whopping 15 minutes playing!). Yup, that one taught me life lessons about my own mortality…I guess that’ll be a story for later…For now, Happy Labor Day everyone!

That does it here from us at Gaming Access Weekly. We all hope everyone has a great Labor Day. If you have off enjoy the day gaming! If you are working today our hearts go out to you but know that your gaming console of choice, be it PC, Xbox, PS4, or even the Switch, is sitting at home waiting for you! Happy Labor Day!


About The Author

John D
Chief Operating Officer

John Donadio a.k.a. SomeBeardy2Love is the COO here at GAW. He once had a show that he produced, wrote, and co-hosted called the Wide World of Games, you can probably find it on youtube. He is also a co-host on a podcast called Party Up! John is an Action-Adventurer, platformer, RPGer, and FPS kind of gamer. Quick to play any game that has magic, swordplay, and/or stealthy elements. If you can customize a character he is in it for the long haul or just give me your 2D platform and he's a happy camper. What else do you expect from a gamer with a beard and a bow tie tattoo? Seriously.