Team Dignitas’ Heather “sapphire” Garozzo, Director of Fan Engagement, has announced that they have signed on to a multi-year partnership with athletic apparel brand Champion Athleticwear.

On top of Champion being the new official brand for Team Dignitas’ jerseys, the company will also be launching a line of fan-focused apparel when Dignitas releases their Fall 2018 rebrand. Specifically, to acknowledge a very overlooked demographic in the esports scene, Champion promises to release an apparel line dedicated to female Dignitas fans – one that we will hopefully be able to see Dignitas’ all-women CS:GO team rock in the coming months.

Regarding the inclusion of the female-devoted line, Champion Team Athletics GM Tyler Lewison said, “We[Champion] are focused on partnering to create more opportunities for women in gaming; and their associated fanbase … Team Dignitas represents a diverse set of players in a wide-range of popular games, and with this partnership we can collaboratively and positively influence the direction of the industry for gamers at all levels.”

Outside of creating some new merch, Champion and Team Dignitas hope that the partnership will ensure better quality products and create a more reliable distribution service.

“Champion and Team Dignitas are uniquely aligned in the trajectory of our businesses,” said Team Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville in a statement, “Champion’s recent reemergence into pop culture mirrors Team Dignitas’ incredible renaissance in fan popularity and dominance in competition … As we continually build and evolve our brands, we look forward to innovating with the Champion design team to develop a style that excites our fans and motivates our players in [the] competition.”

This will be Champion’s first leap into the competitive gaming scene as a brand, but Team Dignitas has had a rather extensive (for an esports brand, mind you) history with traditional sports brands. Team Dignitas is under the Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment umbrella, which is an investor group led by a number of well-known sports brands, including the National Hockey League. In 2016, they were acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers. So, it’s easy to say that Team Dignitas is pretty comfortable with working alongside non-gaming companies to set up partnerships and further bridge the gap between esports and traditional sports.

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