With the recent announcement of Isabelle (Animal Crossing) coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) and the internet continuing to freak out about Waluigi not being in the game (get over it already, let’s move on!). I have made a list of 10 characters that I think would still be amazing to see come out. The current roster is at 68, so it stands that at least two of these characters may make the roster before its release in December. 70 is a nice rounded out number. So let’s jump in, shall we?

#10 Doom Guy – Doom

The Marine, commonly known as Doom Guy (and referred to as the Doom Slayer in the rebooted portion of the series), is the unnamed player character in the Doom. While this is just a fickle dream Doom Guy makes about as much sense as Snake, let’s be honest. Doom Guy with his massive guns and speed makes a great addition to a fast-paced action fighter that SSBU will be/is.  Doom and Doom Eternal are only current reasons to put him in but Doom Guy has been around 1993 and sparked so many games. Before FPS was a thing they called them, DOOM CLONES! Yes, Doom was an influencer, so adding Doom Guy is just a fancy whim but he definitely has his roots in video games and I think it would be a fun Ultimate add-in to see him with the BFG just shooting up Nintendo characters.

#9 Crono – Chrono Trigger

SSB, in general, can’t get enough of characters that carry a sword, I don’t even have to give an example and you can all think of at least five! Adding Crono from Chrono Trigger, to me, is a no-brainer! He is a Super Nintendo classic character that was even ported to 3DS and later to Steam (which had its issues). Crono uses a katana as a weapon and learns to use Lightning magic. which could make for some amazing Smash Attacks. Being that the game dealt with time travel, an amazing down-B-attack would be a counterattack that opens a portal to miss all the damage and then popping out to attack from behind. He also could come with a bunch of assist trophies of some great characters such as Frog. So yes, he may be another stretch, but, Crono would still be fun to see in the game.

#8 Hitmonlee – Pokémon

This took me a while to pick because I definitely wanted a Pokémon, however, I didn’t want an unknown one. Hitmonlee was already in the game as a pokémon that comes from a Pokéball. So I thought it would be a great transition to become a full character. Now, Hitmonlee was replaced by Scizor later on in the series, so, I think its high time we bring this Pokémon back to SSBU. When he released from a Pokéball, Hitmonlee performed a Jump Kick targeting the nearest opponent. He could seriously deal some damage and instead of using a Pokémon that used his claws it would have been more interesting for just a guy who kicks, and he would be the direct opposite to a fighter such as Little Mac.  His legs stretch out and he can run fast, I think he is a perfect fit.

#7 Midna & Wolf Link – Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I know, I know. I can already hear you complain about this one. “A creepy little ghosty thing riding a wolf? How could you make this work?” I don’t know, but tell me you wouldn’t love to jump around the levels as Wolf Link taking a bite out of Mario! I won’t say much about this one because I know it is a long shot and they already have two other versions of Link. This was a shot in the dark and hoping MY fandom of the game was enough to get him in. I mean, they already have the Amiibo, right?

#6 Spring Man & Ribbon Girl – ARMS

For Ultimate, this one seems the most likely to me. Nintendo has this thing about pimping out and pumping up their already current games. The Villager and The Inklings are perfect examples of this. ARMS may have not been the gold medal of fighting games that Nintendo wanted but never-the-less the characters are of cool design. Having boxers that can stretch their arms and have some cool super moves would be a great addition to the roster. While there are many characters in ARMS these two are the main characters. It doesn’t even need to be echo fighters, just change the gender like they do with The Villager. The moves are basically the same anyway, so it doesn’t need to be a full new echo character. While I believe there are better ones on this list, I believe these two are still major possibilities.

#5 Shadow the Hedgehog – Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow has come into his own in the last few years. Really capturing the hearts of many fans and even getting his own solo title. Is he a good fit in Ultimate though? In my opinion, not as a full character. Shadow would make a great Sonic Echo fighter. Personally, I would have rather seen Knuckles become his own character and Shadow an assist trophy, but I don’t get a Nintendo paycheck, so what do I know? However, considering he is more of a direct rival of Sonic it makes just as much sense to me to have him in there, I mean Dark Pit is still here, but he is an Echo fighter now, just as Shadow should be. I know the Sonic fandom is seething and foaming at the mouth and probably want my blood but I stand by my choice. Shadow the Hedgehog should be in the game as an Echo fighter and nothing else. Just be happy I added him to this list.

#4 Star Man – NES Pro Wrestling

This is a blast from the past and many younger gamers might not know him. Starman is a Mexican Luchador from the NES game Pro Wrestling. This character would be an amazing add considering this is not one character that has wrestling moves apart from the Bowser’s Flying Slam that has some kind of suplex-iness to it. With a star-shaped mask and powerful suplex moves, he would make for an exciting and very unique addition to the Ultimate roster. Much like many of the characters already in this roster, he holds kind of a special place in many of our hearts, being early Nintendo players anyway. Just Google his name, you’ll see everything from copies of him in other games to t-shirts, he is memorable. Bring him to SSBU! Plus this may open the gateway to see other wrestling themed characters like Juan, The Lucador from Guacamelee! Now that would be awesome!

#3 Wart – Super Mario Bros. 2

Wart is the main antagonist of Super Mario Bros. 2. He is the leader of a gang known as the 8 bits and his major appearance centers around his efforts to conquer Subcon, a land of dreams, which, spoiler alert, is how the game actually ends. Wart’s information in the game’s instruction booklet states, “He is the most mischievous of all in the world of dreams. He created monsters by playing with the dream machine.” C’mon, a dream baddie? That’s amazing! He could have all kinds of cool attacks. In his game, to attack, Wart can spit streams of bubbles or jets of water, not unlike a bigger Squirtle. His fighting style includes a lot of jumping and smashing down. So basically adding another fighter such as Dedede or Bowser (all Kings by the way). This may have you feeling like that’s too many huge fighters but I say there is not enough. Wart is another character that I don’t see as very likely but it would still be nice to see him in the Ultimate roster.

#2 Geno – Super Mario RPG

Geno is probably the most requested character after Waluigi. Super Mario RPG was one of the most amazing games of its genre and, for the longest time, Geno was one of the coolest characters ever added to the Mario universe. In battle, he has high attack, but lower defense, since he is basically like a marionette puppet. Here is my reason for adding him, not only is he a great fighter and powerful in Super Mario RPG but He was already in Smash Bros, sort of. Though not available as a fighter, a costume based on Geno was released as DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Although the hat could be worn by any of Mii Fighters, the costume is exclusive to Mii Gunners. It was the closest we ever got and a quiet nod to the character. This is a whole new game now and there is no reason on this green earth not to add him! Give us a full character, last game was like a tease! You can’t leave us hanging like that! Just imagine the Amiibo sales!

#1 Birdo – Super Mario Bros. 2

Birdo, or Cathy, has been in so many Mario games it is almost impossible to list them all here. She has also been in Smash as an assist trophy. Much like my demand for Hitmonlee I want to see her come from assisting to a major character. Known to spit eggs and fire from her mouth would make for some fun moves in Ultimate. There is a lot of talk about Birdo as many as you know, mostly surrounding her gender, He thinks he is a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth. He’d rather be called Catherine, or Cathy”. Now, Nintendo originally created the first transgender character and unfortunately long ago turned their back on her. This is so sad because they could have really been on the forefront of making the LGBTQA+ community feel welcome. Well, now they lost to Overwatch, who made their cover character a Lesbian. Tracer became a wonderful way to say that all gamers are welcome here. I won’t make Cathy part of a gender war but let’s say I’m definitely disappointed in Nintendo for turning their backs on this beautiful character. If they really want to make it up to us they should bring her back to the limelight and celebrate her being Trans! Yoshi has always had a special relationship with Birdo and if they would make this canonical, it would mean that Yoshi is Pansexual and their beautiful relationship could blossom. I 100% support this character making it to Ultimate, for real this time!

Well, that is the end of my list. These are 10 characters I would love to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Do you agree or disagree? Who would you love to see in the game? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned to Gaming Access Weekly for more information on SSBU and for all your gaming needs.

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