Destiny 2’s biggest expansion launches Forsaken launches this September 4th. With it comes a huge change to the entire game, some of which was introduced in Patch 2.0. However, there are still certain things you should know about the expansion. Here are 5 things you should know about Destiny 2: Forsaken.

5. A Tale of Revenge

Destiny 2: Forsaken opens already difficult situation. The Red Legion has been defeated but the Prison of Elders prisoners trying to escape in one large prison riot. You and Cayde-6 head to the prison to restore order but things don’t go your way. The Barons, a group of elite Fallen soldiers and the Awoken Prince Uldren Sov overwhelm you and Cayde-6, leading one of the Vanguard’s most elite warriors dying.

Next begin your next objective, to hunt down the Barons and Uldren Sov for what they did. This will take the place to the Tangled Shore, a series of broken asteroids in search of your targets. Unlike the previous game and core campaign, this story is much more personal.

4. A Deadly Enemy Approaches

The Barons and Uldren Sov won’t be the only opponents you’ll encounter in Forsaken. The Scorn is a new type of Fallen who charge forward without any regard for their safety. Bloodthirsty and violent these enemies will serve like makeshift kamikazes who attack in vicious droves.

3. Gambit

Gamit is the latest new multiplayer mode that combines PvP and PvE combat for one hectic match. The battle opens up with the random selection of enemies before 2 teams of 4 are plunged into 2 separate areas. The goal is to obtain enough motes, dropped by fallen enemies, to summon the Prime Evil and kill it.

Enemy Players can deposit Motes to slow down your progress. 5, 10, and 15 motes will summon a blocker that prevents access to the Well until killed. At 75 Motes players can invade the opposing team’s arena for 20 seconds with 1 player at a time. The invading player can kill the opposing players and heal the boss they’re fighting but lose a DPS for their own team. First team to kill their boss wins.

2. Biggest End Game Ever

Bungie is promising to deliver the biggest end game content in the entire franchise with The Dreaming City. Providing more bosses than any other raid combined with 3 new strikes, of which is exclusive to PS4, players will have a lot to do after the campaign is done. Best, or worst depending on who you’re asking, the starting point will scale up from 300 based on your Guardian’s light level.

1. New Supers and a Bow

The most exciting changes coming to Forsaken are the new supers and the legendary bow item. The bow can kill its target in one hit but requires a longer loading time than traditional weapons.

Warlocks who choose the Dawnblade subclass will get the Well of Radiance that heals and increases damage to anyone inside the well. Voidwalkers will access the Novawarp that will allow users to teleport and explode when detonated. Stormcallers can use a beam of high energy that kills anything in its path.

Hunter’s walking the Nightstalker path will gain the spectral blade for quick attacks, the Ark Strider subclass can reflect projectiles back using the Whirling Guard, and the Gunslinger can hurl exploding knives.

Titans who invest into the Striker subclass can use the Thundercrash super that launches the avatar through the air like Superman before crashing down. The Sunbreaker gets a giant flaming hammer called the Burning Maul, and the Sentinel can use the Banner Shield.

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