Since the debut of Operation Grim Sky for Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft has been providing a steady stream of information about the new operators Clash and Maverick. Now Ubisoft has released a video showing the operators in action.

Narrated by Ubisoft’s Host Chris Watters we’ve learned that Clash will have 3 armor and 1 speed while Maverick will have 1 armor and 3 speed. Maverick will feature a blow torch capable of making tiny holes within the wall, great for sneak attacks. However, the fuel is limited and not meant for making doorways.

Clash serves as a defender and comes with a riot shield that can block anything and is equipped with a taser that charges after each use. She cannot use a weapon while using the shield and is sustainable to melee attacks and concussion grenades.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.