Since it’s full release PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been a smash hit for PC, Xbox One, and Mobile players. Launching a full esports tournament, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Global Invitational (PGI) and weekly updates, the game has seen tremendous growth adding new maps, bug fixes, new vehicles and weapons, a slew of cosmetics and more. However, the game is still riddled with issues that make the quality of gameplay less than ideal.

PUBG has announced a new campaign called “Fix PUBG” which will directly address several of the largest issues plaguing the game focusing on client performance, server performance, anti-cheat, matchmaking, and bug fix & quality of life issues. The campaign will span 3 months starting in August with completion by the end of October and promises players a better game. I’ve detailed the campaign below but full details can be found at

Client Performance

  • Hitch Issues – Addressing and increasing the average FPS rate so avoid sudden frame drops.
  • Level Streaming Optimization – Streamlining the level loading as you move around the map.
  • Effect Optimization – Optimizing in-game effects so they don’t affect performance
  • Character Optimization – Optimizing character models and weapons

Server Performance

  • Improving Server Tick Rate – Adjusting how items replicate in relation to your character when several characters are near one another.
  • Improving Desync – Adjusting movement latency by increasing the tick rate to mitigates the issue where a players client ping or tick rate aren’t properly accounted for.


  • Combined Anti-Cheat Solution – Implementing additional anti-cheat means to create a more level playing field.
  • Decrease in Cheater Ratio – Continued effort to ban cheaters and keep the ratio of cheaters down.
  • Report Result Notification – A notification where you will be notified if a player you reported is banned.
  • Legal Action Against Cheating Program Developers and Re-sellers – Continued efforts to take legal action against third party cheat developers and distributors.
  • Hardware Based Bans – Bans based off collected hardware information.


  • Faster and Smarter Matchmaking – Improving matchmaking logic to cut down on matchmaking time based off logic, player ping, language, and distance.

Bug Fix & Quality of Life Issues

  • Updates that include fixes to the minimap, character movement, kill feed, UI Guides, teammate reporting, Mic Test UI/UX, spectating, player order consistency, friend UI, underwater, armed animation, seeing through walls, and more.


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