The Overwatch League was a historical moment for video games and eSports. The event sold out the Barclay’s Center and according to Blizzard press release had over 10 million viewers.

According to Blizzard, over 10.8 million people watched the Grand Finals between London Spitfire and Philidephia Fusion. London Spitfire came out on top as the first team to with The Overwatch League.

Those partnered to stream the event included Twitch, ESPN, MLG and Chinese partners ZhanQi TV, NetEase CC and Panda TV. According to Blizzard, the USA estimated 289,175 of the average minute viewers between the Twitch stream and the ESPN broadcast.

In recent, eSports Overwatch news Seagull recently retired from professional Overwatch to become a fulltime streamer.

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