During the weekend Ninja made a comment about streaming with women. How he made a choice not to stream with women to avoid negative rumors spreading that could affect his personal life and marriage. During the weekend the internet went wild with people from both sides arguing against and behalf of Ninja. Now the popular streamer has uploaded an official statement about his previous comment.

It’s unlikely that this statement will quell the discussion. But considering that Ninja decided to be open about his previous statement provides more clarity into the situation.

In addition, Ninja’s comments do hold true as streamers do gain a lot of criticisms from select people. Some even go as far as to harass them in real-life with deadly actions. The most notorious being swatting where in December 2017 Andrew Finch died from a swatting incident.

What do you think about Ninja’s comment, do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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