Nintendo recently did a brief Nintendo Direct on their upcoming mobile title co-developed by Cygames,
Dragalia Lost, but if you missed it or need a refresher, we’ve got your back.

Simply put, it’s an action RPG title meant for your smartphone. You’ll play as a group of adventurers in a world of swords, magic, and dragons; explore dungeons; and beat up monsters.


The gist of the controls is quite simple: tap to attack, and slide to dodge. Enemies indicate their attack patterns with red marks displayed on the screen, so to master this game’s combat, using this to time your dodges will be key. The player has meters that allow them to use special skills, which display as on-screen buttons.

The player will take command of a team of four adventurers and actively control one character at a time. You’ll be able to freely switch control between your four characters, allowing you to manage each character’s actions when you need enough precision. Be sure to take advantage of this when you need to take down bosses!

Finally, one of the game’s core gameplay elements is the ability to transform into a dragon. Pactbearers have a Shapeshifting ability that lets them transform into dragons they’ve bonded with. Collecting crystals from objects called Dragon Obelisks and defeated monsters will charge a gauge that lets you become a powerful dragon!


In this action RPG, you’ll be fighting as a four-man team. It’s up to you to find adventurers who’ll fight at your side. Although their reasons for joining the adventure vary, they’ll be yours to keep for good.

Each fills a role like Attack, Defense, Support, or Healing. Furthermore, there’s various weapons and elements that each character is associated with. You’ll need to think about these mechanics to create a synergistic team. Plus, each stage has a predicted elemental theme, and you may need to choose team members appropriately to clear the stages.


As you might have guessed of a mobile game, Dragalia Lost will feature a gachapon system, much like Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes or Cygames’ Granblue Fantasy. This game will offer three different categories of collectable things to earn: characters, dragons, and Wyrmprints. Everything will come in different rarities, indicated by the number of stars. Duplicate characters and dragons will give you Eldwater, which lets you promote the rarity of your collectibles.

Summoning characters unlocks new adventurers to join your team. Summoning dragons lets you make pacts and transform into dragons who aren’t featured in the main story. Finally, Wyrmprints are described as “memories of the world” that allow you to increase your adventurers’ abilities and stats.


In a pleasant surprise, this game will feature a fully realized co-op mode. You can play with up to three other players online by opening or joining rooms.

You can take part in co-op versions of the game’s missions, and communication is possible using in-game stamps. The developers have also teased at raid battles, which feature some truly enormous boss monsters.

Dragalia Lost launches in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau on September 27th for iOS and Android.