The 2018 Evolution Championship Series, better known to fans as Evo 2018, finished up this weekend (August 3rd-5th), pitting, literally, the best that the fighting game community has. The battles against one another in mano a mano showdown spanned across eight games: Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Injustice 2, Super Mash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Gamer Assualt Weekly wants to give you a recap of the Grand Finals for each game and will also give you the videos of the last battle so you can see with your own eyes these hardcore matchups.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter‘s grand finals were, of course, the capstone event, and last year’s champion, Tokido, once again was at the top. Another Japanese veteran, Fuudo, originally sent Tokido to the loser’s bracket, but Tokido was in no mood to be called a loser. He battled his way back and made it to the grand final, where he reset the bracket in a real nail-biter. The final match up between Echo Fox’s Tokido and Mousesports’ Problem-X was intense from the start. Take a look at the video and the winner below.

The first matchup Problem X came hard at Tokido winning the first bout. Tokido still was able to hold off PX from bout to bout. They traded off wins for 6 rounds! In the end, Problem X’s M. Bison was too strong, and he became the first UK Street Fighter Evo champion.

  • 1st – Problem X – Benjamin Simon
  • 2nd – Tokido – Hajime Taniguchi
  • 3rd – Fuudo – Kenta Ai
  • 4th – Gachikun – Kanamori Tsunehiro
  • 5th – Fujimura – Fujimura Atsushi
  • 5th – Luffy – Olivier Hay
  • 7th – THE COOL KID93 – Marcus Redmond
  • 7th – Caba – Cristhopher Rodriguez Nade

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ actually set a viewership record for EVO and provided one hell of a match in the Grand Finals between Echo Fox’s SonicFox, and rival GO1 (Goichi). There was a very odd, slightly controversial, dramatic finish, as SonicFox asked to switch from Player two to Player one between the matches. Normally that kind of thing shouldn’t matter to either of these guys, and some called it a delaying tactic. Was he trying to throw Goichi off his game? Watch what happened and you decide.

GO1 was really stomping on SonicFox the first matchup. He didn’t lose one character. He remained cool and confident. The second matchup came down to one character each but GO1’s Vegeta had no issue, He took down SF’s Andriod 16 without taking a hit. Go1 took out Sonic Fox again in the third match pretty handily with only losing one character. This is where things became weird and Sonic Fox asked for his placement change. SonicFox did turn things around to win in a dominant pair of final rounds. It was an amazing turn of events for this year’s EVO!

  • 1st – SonicFox – Dominique McLean
  • 2nd – GO1 – Goichi Kishida
  • 3rd – Fenritti – Shoji Sho
  • 4th – Moke – Naoki Nakayama
  • 5th – KnowKami – Perry Vinson
  • 5th – Kazunoko – Ryota Inoue
  • 7th – Kubo – Tsutomu Kubota
  • 7th – Supernoon – Steve Carbajal

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 had a lot of news announced that might have overshadowed how the matchups and their winners. However, LowHigh playing as Shaheen and Qudans, playing as Devil Jin had an intense battle. Take a look.

Qudans rules the first matchup without losing half his life bar the whole time. LowHigh, however, totally takes his revenge in the second matchup. While Qudans still gave him trouble the matchup came down to mere slivers of a health bar. Qudans answers right back like he did in the first matchup, just piledrives into LowHigh!  Up until now, it has been very one-sided with each player winning all three fights each time. the fourth match up Qudans took but not without losing one to LowgHigh first. LowHigh never gives up the fight. He answers back with two nasty matchups where he just dominates over Qudans! The final bout goes nail-bitingly back and forth but then LowHigh successfully blocks an Ult and combos his way to victory.

  • 1st – LowHigh – Sun-woong Yoon
  • 2nd – Qudans – Byung-moon Son
  • 3rd – Lil Majin – Terrelle Jackson
  • 4th – JDCR – HyunJin Kim
  • 5th – Book – Nopparut Hempamorn
  • 5th – Rangchu – Hyunho Jung
  • 7th – Noroma – Takumi Hamasaki
  • 7th – Chirichiri – Takumi Hamasaki

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Melee is one of those games that most half the Smash community remains positive about, while the other half would rather eat dog food than play that version ever again. But in the EVO realm, it is still highly regarded and the people that play this are at god tier. Check out the Leffen and Armada go toe-to-toe as they have many times before this. It doesn’t even matter if this was a Fox vs. Fox match.

We can’t say that this was completely one-sided but the first matchup Leffen just dominates over Armada only losing one of his four lives. Match two was much closer. Leffen and Armada exchange a few kills before Leffen takes the lead. The match ends in a sad ledge miss for Armada. Leffen giggles at it and he feels confident but you can see he wasn’t happy with the win because it didn’t seem right. The third matchup Armada changes up the pace by changing to Peach and his first kill is an amazing chain grab combo that helps him take the lead, but Leffen answers with a two-two kill to take the lead again. they exchange kills and it comes down to one life each and Leffen shows why he is a champ but just running over Armada. The two embrace at the end though and its lovely to see. good sportsmanship from the two.

  • 1st – Leffen – William Hjelte
  • 2nd – Armada – Adam Lindgren
  • 3rd – Plup – Justin McGrath
  • 4th – Hungrybox – Juan DeBiedma
  • 5th – Wizzrobe – Justin Hallett
  • 5th – Mang0 – Joseph Marquez
  • 7th – Swedish Delight – James Liu
  • 7th – S2J – Johnny Kim

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

This was probably the shortest of all the Grand Finals at EVO 2018. The whole matchup between Omito (Johnny) and Machabo (Ky) lastest around 9 minutes! There was plenty on the line for Omito though trying his best to be the back-to-back Champion in Guilty Gear. Watch how he did.

Omito draws the first blood of the matchup  but drops a great combo at the end has to clean up Machabo with a few kicks. Omito cleans up the round two of the first matchup as well and he makes it look too easy! The second matchup starts and you end up just feeling terrible for Machabo because Omito gets a perfect on him. With players of this skill to get a perfect is just so incredible. Machabo didn’t give up, he may have lost the second bout of the second matchup but he went down swinging! The third matchup Omito handed out the same kind of punishment but in the second bout Machabo comes back and wins a fight! Unfortunately, it doesn’t help him much and Omito deals out a painful ultimate finish on him.

  • 1st – Omito – Omito Hashimoto
  • 2nd – Machabo – Masahiro Tominaga
  • 3rd – LostSoul – Eli Rabadad
  • 4th – Nage
  • 5th – Rion – Hisatoshi Usui
  • 5th – Zadi
  • 7th – Teresa – Fukuda Norihiro
  • 7th – Fumo – Harukuni Suga

 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue is definitely one of those up and coming games that have added some very well known characters including Rooster Teeth’s RWBY. The game is fast paced and action packed! That is no stretch of the means watching the matchups between Heiho (RWBY & Gordeau) and Fame96 (Yu & Jin). Watch below

Heiho put Fame on the ropes for most of the first matchup but Fame held his ground and really utilized switching his characters so that he has some recovery time. In the end of the first fight though, Heiho came out on top. If you thought the first matchup was brutal the second was a nail-biter! both players didn’t let either off the hook. Fame held his ground in an ultimate comeback kill on both of Heiho’s characters! Going in with the score one to one Heiho took it way to seriously and ran a train on Fame, eating through both his characters but not without almost losing Gordeau. Heiho had most of the next bout in his corner but almost Ruby a few time to Fame in a few slip-ups. Heiho still came out on top but it was a little sloppy for him. However, by the next matchup Heiho is in full swing. Fame can barely touch him. Both his RWBY and Gordeau barely have chunks taken from their life bar. For Fame, this, unfortunately, happens again in the next two fights and Heiho takes the EVO 2018 championship.

  • 1st – Heiho
  • 2nd – Fame96 – Jerome Latham
  • 3rd – DoraBang – Ryuji Utsumi
  • 4th – kojiKOG – Kazuyuki Koji
  • 5th – Kazunoko – Ryota Inoue
  • 5th – Fenritti – Shoji Sho
  • 7th – Gouda
  • 7th – DettyWhiteRock – Kohki Hayashi

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 was another fan favorite that had the crowd going wild although it was another incredibly fast matchup between Tweedy (Dr. Fate) and Rewind (Catwoman). Not as quick for EVO 2018’s Guilty Gear matchups (above) but it was close.

These two may have been even matched for the first bout. While Tweedy might have been the favorite it was tough to say who was in control the whole time. Towards the end, Tweedy built himself into a corner but popped a healing glyph that brought him back from the edge of death and keeps the first fight going. Ultimately, Rewind took the first match but it was down to the wire. The second match, Tweedy dominated it, barely lost the first half of his health bar and took out Rewind with ease. The Third match Rewind answered Tweedy’s last match with a domination of his own. He kept Tweedy on the ropes as much as possible to put himself one match away for crown of the EVO Champ. That is exactly what he does. the end moves and combos that got him the win was so unbelievable! the last jump claw grab was so sweet that Tweedy has no place to go but home.

  • 1st – Rewind – Curtis McCall
  • 2nd – Tweedy – Tommy Tweedy
  • 3rd – SonicFox – Dominique McLean
  • 4th – Big D – Ryan DeDomenico
  • 5th – Hayatei – Alexandre Dube-Bilodeau
  • 5th – Semiij – Andrew Fontanez
  • 7th – SylverRye – Mo Amaechi
  • 7th – Biohazard – Matthews Commandeur

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Smash Bros. is the only game that was there twice but for good reason. Melee plays so differently from the Wii U one that it might as well be a totally different game! Lima Vs. Captain Zack, two friends, one EVO trophy. It was an amazing matchup, which happened to be Bayonetta vs Bayonetta (which the crowd did not like at first). Watch how it ends! As the last matchup, this reporter implores that you absolutely watch this, but if you dont have the time the standings are below the video.

  • 1st – Lima – Bharat Chintapall
  • 2nd – CaptainZack – Zack Lauth
  • 3rd – Nietono – Yuta Uejima
  • 4th – Mistake – Tamim Omary
  • 5th – Mr. E – Eric Weber
  • 5th – MVD – Jestise Negron
  • 7th – Raito – Tetsuya Ishiguro
  • 7th – Choco – Toshimasa Hayakawa

So that’s the end of EVO 2018 and the showdowns fo the Grand Finals for all eight games: Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Super Mash Bros. Melee, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Injustice 2, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Stay Tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for all your esports and gaming news!

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