It was confirmed by Bethesda recently that Fallout 76 would not be coming to Steam and instead would be releasing on As you might guess many wonder about future Bethesda games like DOOM Eternal, will it come to Steam? During QuakeCon 2018, Senior VP of Marketing Pete Hines spoke to IGN about this.

According to Pete Hines when asked about Doom Eternal:

“We haven’t decided on anything else, this is specific to Fallout 76 given the kind of game it is — it’s an online, ongoing game. [DOOM Eternal] may or may not, but it hasn’t been decided on anything else yet.”

Hines did touch on whether Fallout 76 would make it to Steam but couldn’t provide a direct answer, instead simply saying “I guess”.

According to Hines the reasoning behind the choice was to provide a more direct relationship with their players.

“We have found very good successes in having those direct relationships with customers, and not been able to see those same benefits when we work through somebody else. And so, specific for Fallout 76, we are going to try this because we think it will give us the best chance to do right by our customers.”

For now, it’s unclear if this change will be successful for Bethesda. The PC community have voiced their displeasure about the choice but we’ll have to see how things turn out when Fallout 76 releases.

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