Today, CD Projekt RED decided to make a grand reveal for Cyberpunk 2077. Releasing the hour-long gameplay footage that was revealed in their closed-door presentations.

The reveal opened up by providing games basic systems available to players customizing their character. Players will have access to an extensive character customization system, a class system that can be altered during the adventure, and 6 attributes that include strength, constitution (health), intelligence, reflexes, tech, and cool (most likely charisma).

The gameplay footage opens up with a short firefight with protagonist V who has been tasked with rescuing a kidnapped victim with a lot of money and power. After locating the girl a high-end medical team known as Trauma Team secures the woman for additional medical treatment.

Afterward, players are provided an extensive look at Night City. Showing players the endless amount of optional objectives available to the player. With dynamically changing activities based on the player’s actions.

Players can explore the city on foot, driving, or by other means. CD Projekt RED stated Night City as the “most believable open world city in any open world game to date.” with the developer claiming the NPCs will live their lives in a full day-night cycle.

Players will have an array of upgrade and items to purchase in Night City. With certain commodities locked in an illegal marketplace. The player’s body isn’t the only customization option with guns, weapons, and armor available.

Armor will not only serve as protection against attacks but serve as street credit to gain reputation with options including head, face, body, chest, jacket, and pants. Weapons can be modified with upgrades based on player preference and V can hold up to 3 weapons at a time. The most impressive weapon shown was a smart gun that can automatically track targets.

Shown was a robust dialogue system that allows players to alter the story based on their choices. Offering violent and non-violent options. During a trade deal with we were shown multiple options of how the deal can turn sour or go on without a flaw.

A work in progress option was shown, allowing players to forcibly take information from NPCs. A high-end ability was shown that allowed the player to double jump, wall hang, and disrupt targets combat abilities.

A boss battle against the Maelstrom gang leader was shown, highlighting how battles can play out in multiple ways. With players able to exploit the enemy’s armor thanks to preparation.

No release date was provided and it was already confirmed that the footage shown was the most completed portion of the game. It’s likely we won’t see a release date till 2020.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now in development for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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