Chasm doesn’t have an exact layout, instead, it drops you into a procedurally generated world where you’re expected to survive. The random layout ensures that you never can expect what will happen next but at the same time can become repetitive seeing the same structures. Chasm has its issues but strong Metroidvania gameplay and challenging mechanics ensures that fans of this genre will find a lot worth revisiting multiple times.


Forgettable Tale

Players take control of a new recruit for the Guildean Kingdom. Looking to prove himself he heads into a town where a recently valuable mine to the kingdom was closed down. Our hero finds that the townspeople have been kidnapped and taken to the mine by supernatural creatures, forcing you to head into the unknown in search of glory and victory.

For the most part, the story serves as a reason for your adventure. It doesn’t have anything truly memorable about it. Freeing townspeople provides insight into the world but mostly it’s the gameplay that will keep you playing.

Always Guessing

Chasm’s world is procedurally generated, that means no 2 runs will be the same. Enemies come in 90 different types and the world has an array of powerups that will make the journey easier. Chasm is not an easy game in the beginning, with enemies inflicting fatal attacks with basic swings.

Instead, the player must rely on the many tools available. Short range melee weapons come in different types such as daggers, swords, knives, and hammers. Long range items are linked to your magical meter that can be replenished, along with your health, by collecting specific items. The key is using these items and attacks to maximize damage when evading.

During the later stages of the game, things do become a lot easier. If you explore and gather enough items the difficulty swaps, becoming an easier experience given your increased arsenal of powerups.

What is Fair?

One of the major issues facing Chasm is the same procedurally generated worlds. Items can appear at any location and saves are far between. This means death carries a major penalty, not to mention some layouts can be increasingly vexing.

Since the game follows a specific algorithm you can expect to see repeating structures and items. Sometimes they’re placed in novice patterns and other things impossibly difficult ways. This inconsistency can lead to vexation especially during the early levels. The world itself, while beautiful, doesn’t share the same elaborate structure found in pre-built worlds.

Graphically the game is beautiful. Each enemy and background has been wonderfully detailed with pixel art. Animations are smooth and the soundtrack complementary. Everything works well together for a cohesive experience.


Chasm is a difficult yet entertaining Metroidvania adventure. The story won’t hold your attention but the dynamic levels kept the adventure tense and challenging. At any corner, a difficult layout could be chosen that required split-second reaction or a boss enemy that was particularly hard.


Chasm Review
The Good
  • Strong Enemy Design
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Challenging Gameplay
The Bad
  • Stale Story
  • Hit or Miss Level Design
8Overall Score
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