It’s a little late in the month for Games For Budget Gamers but a new edition has still been pushed out in the hopes of saving you some cash. There really wasn’t an overall theme for the month but there is something for pretty much everyone. Shooter fan? We have you covered. Love puzzles and horror? We have that too. Want to get weird? Well, we’re about to show you something strange with this month’s Pick of The Month.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4, PC, Xbox One)-

Senua’s story is one that I really enjoyed playing through. It actually helped me deal with some of my own personal issues and it has become one of my all time favorite games. Senua is searching for her lost love’s soul. She blames herself for what happened to him. Their relationship is one of the most wholesome I have witnessed in a game in quite a while. He helps calm the voices in her head, taught her to fight, stand up for herself. Throughout the course of the game the player witnesses the voices Senua hears in her head in the exact manner she hears in her head. A voice to your back left warning you of an incoming attack will be heard that way in your headset and it is a beautiful mechanic. The gameplay is wonderfully simple but still blends in challenge superbly. The combat is focused on players timing their block, counters, strikes, and dodges perfectly to dismantle enemies of varying speeds and attack styles. Foes with tomahawks will attack more relentlessly than those with just a sword, shields and axes also present different obstacles, even supernatural abilities get added to the mix. Puzzles usually involve moving around the environment in a way that makes a picture/ symbol appear to open an area. While that may sound simple there are elements added to that increase the level of thought needed to solve them. I implore you to delve into Ninja Theory’s stellar game, Hellblade. Get the game now for as low as thirty bones. Check out the review that Gaming Access did on it to sway you to grab your own copy.

Decay- The Mare (PC, Xbox One, Google Play)-

Point and Click games generally just don’t sit well with me. I usually end up just spam clicking all around every room until I figure out what dumb thing the game wanted from me. Decay- The Mare thankfully doesn’t really fall into this trap. Decay- The Mare follows the story of a man in an asylum who is trying to find a person who seems to be reaching out to him for help. On the other side of that, there is also something haunting his dreams that seems to be hunting him. This game also features some fantastic puzzles that are really rewarding to solve. Not to mention you have a conversation with a bloody bag that reeks of PT style goodness. Moving back to the puzzles one that comes to mind is the puzzle involving two different pictures. They blink a code to the player and without giving away where the answer is used it ties into a mannequin head later on and opens up a whole new section. To hear even more about this game check out our indie spotlight of the game! Or you can go grab it now for around ten dollars. You can check out the Indie Spotlight I wrote for this game as well!

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)-

Genital jokes, a giant robot rampage, a score counter and buckets and buckets of blood. That is the gist of what People Can Fly Studios helped bring to the table with the original release of Bulletstorm. The re-release dubbed the Full Clip Edition brings all of that to the newer consoles and a little more. The story is still centered around the tale of a team being betrayed by their supposed leader, exiled as pirates, and then fighting an entire planet’s worth of bad guys in order to hunt him down. This time around though players are offered the chance to play as Duke Nukem! That’s right the womanizer from his own series makes his fully playable debut alongside Ishi and Trishka. Kill with skill and look damn good doing it now for only thirteen dollars.

Dishonored: Definitive Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)-

This is one of the rare games where messing up the stealth aspect and going kill crazy can greatly affect the outcome of the story. The higher your body count is in Dishonored: Definitive Edition the grimmer your outcome is, the plague claims more victims, little Emily becomes this heartless dictator it all makes adds up to a fantastic game that can arguably make the player stop and think about how their actions will affect the world. Choosing the stealthier nonlethal option, lowers the plagues body count and leads to a much happier outcome where Corvo helps Emily command as a compassionate and understanding leader who makes the world a better place.

Players can achieve either outcome during the game by using Corvo’s various abilities and pausing to study the world before going into each scenario. Blinking to a new ledge, possessing a person or animal, sleep darting and choking out enemies will greatly affect the outcome as Corvo tries to prove his innocence in the murder of the previous ruler he was hired to protect. Grab the game and all of it’s DLC now for only ten dollars.

Pick of The Month: Strange Brigade (PS4, Xbox One, PC)-

Choosing a pick of the month was a little challenging this month. I usually pull from newer titles and while there were many of those this month, We Happy Few and Telltale’s final season of The Walking Dead come to mind, I wasn’t able to acquire any of them either through code requests or purchasing them. While the former is still true for Strange Brigade, I did take some games down my local Game Stop and preorder the game. That means that on August 28th I, along with the rest of you get to finally delve into the mysterious world that Rebellion is creating with Strange Brigade. The zombies, the pharaoh looking characters, we all get to finally see how it all ties into the bigger mystery of the game. Given the track record of its developers, Rebellion, I can assure you it will be one hell of a ride. Grab the game on August 28th for just fifty dollars or eighty if you want to get the collectors edition. Be sure to look for our full review of the game, coming soon. In the meantime check out one of the game’s trailers below.

– Strange Brigade Trailer!!!

We are at that point once again, Games For Budget Gamers is ending for the month. I really hope someone caught that strange joke in the first paragraph, kind of proud of that. I also really hope you check out a few of the titles above. There are a plethora of diverse titles to choose from and they all can be enjoyed without breaking your budget.