Fans of Vampyr have been vocal about any issues they’ve been facing with Dontnod’s latest IP and the developer has been communicating well with their fans. With the latest update focusing on issues PC gamers have been facing.

The second update includes:

New Features:

PC: Scrolling docs with the mouse wheel is now possible when first viewing a doc

PC: Players are now able to move the camera during dialogue using movement keys (default: WASD)


PC: Targeting enemies – The Auto-Lock option has been modified. Set to “On”, the mouse can be used to switch targets. If the binding to switch targets is already used (default: mouse wheel up/down), this option will be disabled. Set to “Off”: The mouse won’t be usable to switch targets. Only the binding to switch targets will be available (default: mouse wheel up/down)

Performance has been addressed, players should now experience fewer performance issues.

The issue where players would be unable to enter The Morgue is now fixed.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from crafting more serum than they could carry, which would result in serum not being refilled when dying. Excess serum will now be stored in the stash, and if there is serum in the stash when dying, the player’s stock will be refilled. This also applies to ammunition.

The stash now properly indicates the quantity of items store in it.

Vampyr is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. In addition, a new hard and easy mode is being added soon.