Vampry was a huge success, with Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive confirming that the game reached 450,000 sales within its first month of release. Now, an upcoming patch will add an easier mode for gamers who want a narrative experience and a harder mode for those looking for a challenge.

Community Manager Iyagovos stated:

As well as bringing a host of optimization tweaks, the upcoming update will introduce a ‘Story’ mode that de-emphasizes combat and a cranked-up, more challenging Hard mode. The Story mode places a greater focus on narrative, allowing players to experience Dr. Reid’s journey with less challenging combat. On the other end of the scale, Hard mode makes combat much more difficult. Players will receive less experience from killing enemies too, forcing them to rely even more on embracing citizens to grow in power.

Vampyr is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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