Octopath Traveler doesn’t try to be more than what it is, a JRPG. The turn-based gameplay, intricate story, and spite graphics are intended for fans of this genre. Those who grew up loving games like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire and Earthbound will treasure Octopath Traveler as it’s everything you could ever hope for from a classic JRPG.

Personal Stories

Octopath Traveler separates itself from traditional JRPG games by focusing on personal stories instead of a “save the world” tale. Instead, each of the individual characters you play as has their own personal tale. Each of the 8 characters houses their own personal story, path action, and talent. Making them not only unique in terms of story but also in battle.

Each one of the 8 characters is wonderfully voiced and written. While it’s generic to see the Cleric, played by Ophilia Clement, to have a noble and righteous attitude while Therion the Thief doesn’t care unless he gets his way it’s their dialogue that keeps things from getting stale.

Speaking of dialogue when you head to each of the personal stories the other characters within the party leave. They only show up when fighting is happening and rarely interact with one another. This can be annoying since each of these characters have their own ideas and having them conflict with that of their party would’ve made for some great dialogue. You do get snippets of banter between certain points of the game but these are far between. This review of one’s action could’ve added more weight to the overall story.

Classic Combat, Unique Dialogue Choices

Expect random encounters in Octopath Traveler with extensive fights, even for the basic enemies. This makes your team composition critical all the time. With only 4 characters available players must choose between a balance of attack and support. There’s no real right or wrong way to set up your party as long as you keep your choices prudent.

Enemies come in all types but every enemy comes with a shielding. These shields must be destroyed before any damage can be caused. This can be frustrating since even the basic enemies come with this requirement and bosses tend to have incredible amounts of HP. Eventually, once you power up, you can burn through most of the cannon fodder especially when you become accustomed to the boost system. Boost can provide a helpful increase in either damage or support but you’re limited to how many you can activate. Making them valuable options during dire situations or to speed things up.

Similar to battle talents, path actions are unique talents that allow your party to interact with NPCs in special ways. For example, H’aanit can provoke people into fighting you using beasts and Therion can steal from townspeople. You can’t use these abilities freely and they have a chance to fail. If they you fail enough times the town will ostracize you unless you complete the next chapter or pay the fine. It’s a nice way to ensure players can’t use the townspeople for free loot but at the same time offer multiple ways to gain experience, money, and items.

A True JRPG with Classic Graphics

Octopath Traveler uses 2D graphics with incredible details in the scenery for rich environments. Little touches such as shadows, dust in the wind, and incredible use of lighting provided lush detail in each background. It’s clear the developers went the extra mile to ensure that every area looked distinguished and elegant.

What brings everything together is the sound design. The battle and exploring soundtrack complement what the player is doing and the voice-acting is some of the best in the genre.

A JRPG for JRPG Fans

Octopath Traveler doesn’t attempt to be more than it is. Everything from the gameplay to the graphics was intentionally crafted for a specific audience. For those who loved JRPGs Octopath Traveler offers hours of gameplay content and stories to unveil. The lengthy journey provides large amounts of challenging fights and exciting elements. If you come into Octopath Travelerexpecting a JRPG you won’t be disappointed.

Octopath Traveler Review
  • Great Story
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Outstanding Soundtrack
  • Random Encounters
  • Unconnected Characters
9Overall Score
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