Defiance 2050 is a reimagining of the original game that launched back in 2013. Now as a free-to-play game anyone can jump in and start shooting, but not without a proper upgraded weapon. Here’s how to make your weapon even more powerful.

There are several options available such as mods, enhancements, and leveling up. Go to your character sheet, then select the weapon you want to enhance, and press Y.

You’ll have various options available including mods. The list of Enhancement Materials, which is Salvage, is earned by looting from dead enemies or dismantling weapons.

Bear in mind to use the complementary Salvage for each weapon. Pistol Salvage for pistols and so on or you’ll need 3+ more to enhance the weapon. Each stage of the upgrade requires more Salvage.

After unlocking Weapon Bonus Points, click Modify Bonuses, Speed Bonus Ranks, then Bonuses you want to enhance before confirming.

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