Defiance 2050 has some exotic loot but to get them you’ll need to have Ark Keys on hand. Here’s how you obtain Ark Keys to unlock these loot-filled containers.

Ark Keys are available for purchase for 120 bits but this isn’t an ideal long-term plan. To obtain Ark Keys there are 2 major sources, main story missions, and daily ark hunter bounties.

During the course of the main story, players can unlock these keys but not every mission will net you one. There are 5 Ark Keys in the campaign.

Daily Ark Hunter Bounties are available once you reach EGO Level 50. You can then take part in Daily Ark Hunter Contract missions located in the Goals page on the Contracts tab. You can do 2 of these per day for an Ark Key.

You can only hold 5 Ark Keys but can purchase more slots.

Defiance 2050 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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