One of the most devastating news from 2017 was EA’s decision to close Dead Space creator Visceral Studios. Fans of the horror franchise were vexed knowing that the cliffhanger left behind by Dead Space 3 would go unanswered but the former creative director of Dead Space has released information of what the fourth game would’ve included.


When speaking to Eurogamer, creative director at Crystal Dynamics Ben Wanat who worked as creative director for Dead Space explained that he had ideas for a sequel.

According to Wanat, Dead Space 4 would be a non-linear adventure which would focus on “infested ships, searching for a glimmer of life, scavenging supplies to keep your own little ship going, trying to find survivors.” Plot lines would be delivered through these small journeys.

Wanat went on to elaborate that the Necromorphs would’ve been more fleshed out, providing more backstory about their origin, and players would battle new Necromorphs who adapted to Zero-G environments.

“You’d start to form a picture of what happened in that region while fighting through scores of Necromorphs from ship to ship. And you’d learn a new, critical bit of plot info along with the means to Shock to a couple of nearby sectors,” Wanat continued. The further the player would get in the game, the broader their exploration options would be.”

It was considered that Isaac may not have been the playable character with consideration put on Craver, Ellie, and even a new character to take the lead role.

“With the apocalypse, there was the opportunity for a clean break,” Wanat said. “It wouldn’t be necessary for the story going forward to include any of them.” He also said he’d have loved to do a game with Ellie at the helm and had always “imagined her as the protagonist of Dead Space 4”.

How the franchise met its end was touched on as well.

These concepts weren’t widespread outside of Visceral’s small story team, which had come up with the aforementioned ideas during their work on Dead Space 3: “After the third game, some folks stayed on to finish up the DLC, but the rest needed to move on to help other projects,” Wanat said. “At this point, it was pretty clear that Dead Space 3 was going to be the last instalment.”

Perhaps EA will revisit the franchise one day but for now, it doesn’t seem likely. The publish has shown more concern for free-to-play titles, open world games that can be monetized, and mobile games.

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