The next free update for Battlefield 1 is looking to make some serious improvements for gamers who are waiting for Battlefield V. Bringing the WW1 experience to new heights, especially for Xbox One X gamers.

First off, Xbox One X gamers can now play the game in 4K. A massive leap for those playing on consoles. For the complete patch check below.


Improved loading times going into the soldier customization screen and reduced occurrence of disconnects when trying to join a server.

Fixed an issue with map vote results not being respected, if an RSP map rotation changed whilst in progress.

Fixed issue with squad boost sometimes counting down during pre-round phase.

Reinforced the result of the map vote when the game server is migrating to a different host due to maintenance.

Fixed an issue where players in a queue were blocked from joining a match, behind a player that was waiting for a space to open on a specific team (as a result of join on party or friend).


Rebalanced Shock Operations on Lupkow Pass, Zeebrugge, and Prise de Tahure.

Lupkow Pass

The goal is to make the first sector a little easier and to reduce the impact of the Behemoth.

The first sector boundary has been adjusted to:

Prevent Defenders from using the rocks on the edges of the boundary to snipe Attackers.

Prevent Defenders from using the slope at the edge of the boundary to harass Attackers.

Removed 1 Defender plane from Sectors 2 and 3 to prevent air superiority for Defenders during tough Attacker sectors.

Removed the single Defender cavalry unit from Sector 1 to prevent cavalry runs out of bounds to harass Attackers.

Removed the Airship L30 Behemoth from Sectors 2, 3 and 4. The Behemoth remains for the first sector, but between defender planes, AA guns, Burton LMRs and AA rocket guns, this Behemoth shouldn’t be so consistently dominant.

Elite kits have been offered as a comeback assist in Sectors 2, 3, and 4, repurposing some of the existing kits to be used as comeback kits for Attackers.


The goal here is to help the Attackers during the first sector as much as possible. The remaining sectors look pretty good from a sector loss perspective, making the first sector easier should help Attackers build some momentum.

Sector 1 has had its bounds adjusted to prevent Defender access to the lighthouse; the Attacker HQ now includes the lighthouse and part of the mole.

The Attacker Elite Infiltrator kit has been moved into the lighthouse base. A Flame Trooper has been added there as well, to allow for Attackers to more aggressively push and hold flags in the first sector.

The A flag capture area has been slightly adjusted to make swimming captures a little more viable.

Defender planes now respawn a bit slower than the Attacker planes.

Defenders now only get their second plane when the Attackers reach sector 3, as opposed to sector 2.

Defenders can no longer use boats in Sector 4 to harass Attackers.

Prise de Tahure

It was found that Attackers on the final sector could steal Defender kits and Defenders could steal Attacker “comeback” kits, so that has also been addressed.


M1903 Experimental now has an alternative fire mode.

Fixed an issue where vehicle laid Anti-Tank Mines would have difficulty detecting vehicles.

Adjusted the reload time of the C96 pistol when loading single bullets to better match its animation.


Fixed instances where players could grief teammates using shell type weaponry such as mortars and AA guns.

Friendly flares will now display their spotting radius to teammates, allowing for better coordination between recon players.

Fixed issue where damage that resulted in score < 0.5 wasn’t messaged to players. Score < 0.5 from damage is now rounded up, granting at least 1 point of score.


Added gameplay options for adjusting color and visibility of the lens sight reticle.

Added gameplay options to show compass bearing numbers on the mini-map and the big map.

Added video options for adjusting the screen safe are width and height on PC (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 already have those).

Moved the objective world icon names from below the world icons to above those to reduce UI clutter and obstruction of the player view over soldiers near the objectives.

Added gameplay options for adjusting the visibility of the 3D objective and soldier names separate from the icons.

The world icon customization gameplay options now work in spectator mode too.

Added gameplay options for adjusting the crosshair size and the hit indicator size.

Added gameplay options for adjusting the visibility of the receiving damage HUD panel.

Added gameplay options for adjusting the size and visibility of the following HUD elements (separate ones per each of the elements):

Scoring messages

Kill log messages

Chat log

Game mode info panel

Squad list panel

Vehicle seat layout

Vehicle passenger list panel

Player info panel

Misc HUD elements (weapon/vehicle/reload hints, commo rose, interactions, warnings, awards, etc.)

Fixed an issue with dog tags sometimes showing up blank in kill cards or when completing a melee kill.

* Xbox One X online update required

Battlefield 1 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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