Are you a fan of Zone of the Enders and always wanted to pilot a Jehuty? Konami has made that a reality with Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS. Putting you in the cockpit of the ship using the PSVR and seeing the game from a whole new perspective. After playing it in VR you won’t want to pilot an armor suit like this any other way again.

Some may dismiss this title as a simple remake of a legendary PS2 title but this is far from the case. The second you dive into the game’s VR mode the entire experience changes. The inside of the Jehuty is fully viewable from the cockpit and you can see the robotic suit attack with its arms moving to perform close-range attacks.

To prevent the player from feeling lost due to the game’s high-speed combat and flight mechanics the lock-on system keeps the primary goal constantly in front of the player. Whether it’s a primary target or heading into the next area. It was easy to navigate to the next goal.

The cutscenes play out like any other game. With a screen appearing, similar to a movie screen, and the cutscenes playing out. It’s not a problem but those expecting to see the inside of the Jehuty while the non-anime cutscenes play out will find this disappointing.

As someone who played the original Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS was radically different in VR. The fully realized VR view changed the entire experience by allowing me to become a Jehuty pilot.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RSlaunches this September 7th for PS4 and PC.