World War Z surprises, creating a rich adventure where survival depends on how well you work with your team. Each of the 4 characters isn’t a specialized person with military resources or an acclaimed scientist but ordinary people attempting to survive this horrible world. Saber Interactive has done a magnificent job of taking the movie and novel to create their own adventure that delivers a solid experience that runs and feels like you’re part of World War Z.

Running on the Swarm engine the demo provided gave me a look into the first chapter of NYC, introducing the survivors as they attempt to get out of the city. Immediately the controls feel tight and responsive, with sound design that makes each shot and slice feel responsive and tight. Little details such as an ammo display and ally health help provide useful information of when to reload and if your allies are in trouble.

Melee combat is satisfying and serves as an excellent way to cleave zombies who get too close but will leave you vulnerable to the special infected that roam about. For example, the Bull is a heavily armored zombie that continuously slams the caught ally until saved and Screamer which calls zombies indefinitely until killed.

Zombies themselves will respond to sound and run without any regard for personal safety towards the origin location. Zombies do respawn indefinitely to push players forward but the manageable amount was easy to handle. In addition, the game will aid the group if they’re struggling by providing more resources but will also reduce the quality of items if the group does well. Increasing the challenge based on player performance.

Graphically World War Z is impressive. Little details such as a dust-ridden atmosphere and decaying bodies help sell the scene. What was truly outstanding is that the game ran consistently. Hundreds of zombies were flooding the screen yet the framerate never hiccuped and I was told this was an alpha version and yet the game was running so well.

Speaking of zombies these monsters, while easy enough to kill can perform daring feats found in the movie. This includes rushing in massive hordes or creating a pyramid to climb. You will have access to an array of weapons, specialized hardware, and equipment like auto turrets. However, if the zombies are not taken seriously these creatures can easily overwhelm defenses due to their sheer numbers.

World War Z is looking to be an outstanding survival-shooter. It separates itself from other titles such as Left 4 Dead and Vermintide with outstanding sound design and atmosphere that absolutely excels. The cooperative action doesn’t encourage lone wolf actions and the objectives promote teamwork above everything else. I was told a progression system and skill tree will be provided to encourage replayability and cosmetics, allowing you to build your skills by playing.

World War Z is in development for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and will also come to Nintendo Switch.

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