Popular streaming service Twitch is celebrating Pride month. They have released new emotes relating to Pride month, and are fundraising with several LGBTQ+ fundraisers. They are also featuring LGBTQ+ streamers each day during the month.

Twitch is also taking part in the Pride parade taking place in San Francisco. It has also partnered with It Gets Better, creating a video of its staff coming out stories to help inspire the LGBTQ+ youth. You can find that video and the full schedule of featured creators here.

The streaming service is also partnering with the Human Rights Campaign, releasing a line of t-shirts. Featured designs include the rainbow flag, but also the transgender, bisexual, and lesbian colors. All of the profits (7 dollars per shirt) are going directly to the HRC. You can find those for sale here.

There are also five Pride-related emotes and cheermotes that are going to be permanent. Similar to the fundraising t-shirts, they have the colors of the LGBTQ+, transgender, bisexual, and lesbian flags. The cheermotes are different animations of the LGBTQ+ flag.

Twitch is celebrating pride month

Twitch isn’t the only part of the gaming industry celebrating Pride. Sony has also released a Pride theme for the PlayStation 4, which is available to download for free.




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