For over 20 years, Bethesda has kept their newly-purchased IP, Starfield, under wraps. Even with player speculation at an all time high,  nothing was leaked save a few images and hearsay. Finally, Bethesda has announced its newest title which will have players entering the cosmos in what hopefully resembles the usual RPG style Bethesda is famous for.

Despite the release of a trailer, there still isn’t much information to be interpreted. The short trailer, which was thankfully longer than the Elder Scrolls 6 trailer, shows an image of the moon or a moon like planet glistening in space. Following that, we see an alien-like structure that could be anything from a base of operations for players or a satellite for the players that have landed on this planet.

No Man’s Sky vibes were oozing off of this trailer, but knowing that Bethesda is responsible should quell any doubts of whether this thing will meet expectations. This could very well be a Besthesda flagship and has the potential to rival even the greats like Fallout and Elder Scrolls. The studio has had so much time to work on and perfect Starfield and with their clear and unbridled¬† ability to shape massive world spaces, there is no way this game will be a flop.

Speaking of Bethesda’s prowess in world building, imagine multiple planets filled with quests that stick in your memory for years and NPC interactions that have you gripping your controller. The potential here is astronomical and Bethesda knows this, which is why they are keeping all of the fans under tight control with such short trailers and information about new projects. They know exactly how popular their franchises have become which is why they can get away with merely mentioning a titles name in a trailer, keeping a thumb on the pulse of hype that has encapsulated these mysterious release dates.

Starfield has no consoles announced. It’s currently projected for a release in the next console generation.

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