Sony opened their Sony E3 2018 presser with a bang, opting to show off 10 minutes of The Last of Us II gameplay. The trailer introduces us to key themes of the story and its impressive game design.

Elements of the pre-apocalyptic society appear to be returning. We get to see Ellie enjoying a dance and spending time with friends. Heck, she even gets to enjoy a sweet moment of young romance– it’s almost normal and sweet enough to forget the zombies and anarchy around them. It’s an interesting contrast between the death and violence that soon appears.

The gameplay starts in a dramatically dark scene where Ellie stabs a man to death. We’re then thrust into a grim and tense moment where Ellie needs to evade and fight some dangerous individuals.

Ellie stalks enemies with a bow and a gun. We notice some interesting AI interaction, where Ellie whistles to draw enemies away from her. There’s also a neat sequence where Ellie hides under a vehicle, and enemies start checking for places where she’s hiding. There’s some particularly impressive AI-work and a minimal UI over the gorgeous visuals.

The Last of Us II is looking pretty good and seems quite polished. Hopefully, we’ll hear about a release date some time in the near future.

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