Racing games tend to focus on the player trying to get into first, with kart racing titles including items to cheat your way into first. Team Sonic Racing focuses less on the solo player getting into first and more on teamwork. With players working together instead of alone to succeed.

Drawing from a pool of familiar faces such as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles teams are placed together in one team to actively work together. In addition to providing boosts to allies who are behind you can swap and give item pick up items to aid your comrades regardless of their position. Helping your fellow teammates fills up a meter and when filled puts your racer into a frenzied state of increased speed.

Many of the game’s core mechanics remain the same such as drifting to gain extra boosts. However, the main focus does remain working as a team. During my 3 races, I was able to be pushed back to the last place or come back to win the entire race because of great synergy with my AI allies. This could also be your downfall as other teams will use their team to hinder the progress of everyone else.

At the moment only Sonic, Shadow, Rouge, Knuckles, Omega, and Tails have been confirmed for the title but I was told that more character reveals will be coming soon.

Team Sonic Racing launches on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC this winter.

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