Bethesda announced Prey is getting some new modes and a new DLC expansion called Mooncrash. In Mooncrash, players control a character named Peter stationed on a spy satellite intercepting communications from TranStar. Mooncrash takes place shortly after the events of the main game and the protagonist must find out why communications have ceased from TranStars secret moon base. KASMA Corp, a rival of TranStar, has Peter trapped via a binding contract and threats to his family, forcing him to discover the secrets of the moon base. Goals and loot change with each playthrough of Mooncrash and the further the player explores, the better the loot becomes and the higher the chance of survival in succeeding games.

Typhon Hunter is a future DLC for Prey that will pit a single player against five other players that are mimics. Bethesda also touted a new update for the base game of Prey which add new modes of play. The modes consist of Story Mode, New Game+ and Survival mode.

The base game update and Mooncrash are currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Players who own the base game can get Mooncrash for $19.99 or new players can get the digital deluxe edition with the base game and Mooncrash DLC for $39.99. Typhon Hunter will be available this summer.

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