Since its release in 2016, Niantic’s Pokémon Go has brought nostalgia to many with an interactive gameplay that gave you a reason to go outside and explore. One of the key things have been missing from Pokémon Go that made the classic and stands out was trading with other players. These mechanics have been requested by players worldwide to be added and after two years, and now we can finally be able to trade and add people in the game.

Each player will have their own trainer codes that are used to friend request friends and other players to your friend’s list. This will allow you to gain a bonus, send items and yes, trade Pokémon.

By spinning PokéStops and Gyms you have a chance to received a gift. You won’t be able to open this gift, only send to your friend for them to open. This gift will contain some helpful items and possibly an egg that can give you an Alolan version of Kanto’s original Pokémon along with a postcard showing where you picked up your gift.

There are four types of friend levels: Good Friend, Great Friend, Ultra Friend and Best Friends. You can level up your friendship by trading, sharing gifts and battling together in gyms once per day. Depending on the level you will gain additional bonuses like an attack boost in raids when playing with a Great Friend.

For trading Pokémon with your friends, you need to be at Trainer Level 10 or higher. You will earn extra candy for Pokémon that you have traded away. If that Pokémon you traded was caught far away up to 100 meters (380 feet) from your friend, the bonus will increase. 100 meters (380 feet) will be the furthest you will be able to trade with your friends. When trading you will be able to see the CP and HP for the Pokémon and how far its stats will go and depending on your friendship those stats will change.

Now for trading leveling up your friendship is important because it will affect your trading. Trades will cost you stardust. The higher you friendship level the less stardust it will cost. For legendary, shiny or Pokémon that are not currently in your Pokédex will have a bigger cost in stardust and are considered Special Trades that can be done only once per day.

The Pokémon Go Event page announced that this changes will roll out later this week. Pokémon Go is now available free to download on Android and iOS.

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