EA Sports showed off the ‘Official First Look Trailer’ for NBA Live 19.  In NBA Live 19, players will once again play ‘The One’, the popular single player career mode from NBA Live 18.

NBA Live 19 career mode will have a new icon progression system that will give players a choice in how they want to progress based off of actual NBA stars in the game. In addition to the icon system, players will have access to a ‘Trait System’, ‘Skill System’ and ‘Signature Ability System.’ All the systems can be combined in order to better adhere to each individual play style.

Character customization is brought over from NBA Live 18 and expanded upon adding new tattoos, hairstyles, threads and other cosmetics to allow players to make their character unique. This combined with character progression and reputation greatly improves upon previous games.

When playing in ‘The Streets,’ players can build their squad.  By playing on street courts from across the globe, they can encounter other NBA icons in single player mode to recruit or other players if playing in the multiplayer mode. As players progress and garner a greater reputation, they will attract other players in both single and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes allow players to play co-op or competitive with friends or to play against players from all over the globe for ultimate bragging rights.

NBA Live 2019 will release on September 7th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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