The developers of Overwatch have been notorious for making significant changes to the game’s heroes. Mercy, Hanzo, and recently Symmetra has been radically changed from their original designs and Sombra may be next.

As a damage dealer Sombra has 2 primary abilities, the turn invisible to slip behind enemy lines and teleport away to prevent death. Limitations have been placed to prevent Sombra from being too powerful such as a time limit on her invisibility and on her teleporting device the Translocator. Blizzard is testing the character where the Translocator and cloaking device doesn’t have a time limit.

Fans are worried that this would make Sombra too powerful but Blizzard is toying around with different balances. Including that Sombra cannot challenge the objective when cloaked and her cloaking speed is reduced to 50% instead of 75%.

Of course, these are internal testing features and not confirmed for implementation.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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