Kingdom Hearts II released back in 2005 for the PS2. After a decade of development, the game is finally ready to be played and will release in January 2019. After playing the short 15-minute demo it was worth the wait.

Kingdom Hearts III had 2 portions to it, Toy Box which is set in the Toy Story universe and Olympus for Hercules. The first thing veterans will notice is the new focus on movement and chaining attacks. Building on the flow system introduced in Dream Drop DistanceThe same goes for exploration, with Sora now able to wall run on most surfaces that have a pulsing vertical line.

Sora is nimble, powerful, and nearly unstoppable in this demo. Giving the young warrior a wide assortment of moves, abilities, and allies that complement Sora’s wacky talents but also their respected world. Toy Story allows Sora to use the iconic firework from the original Toy Story fly around and attack while Olympus had players using the Big Magic Mountain to take down the Lythos.

Graphically and framerate wise Kingdom Hearts III excels in every aspect. With the framerate remaining constant throughout and the graphics leagues above the previous games. Small details such as Donald’s more rigid beak in Toy Box showcase the level of details the developers went to. Quality of life changes are limited but welcomed. The most significant change being the ability to swap between Keyblades mid-combat for more variety and the ability to heal while moving is incredibly helpful.

Just like previous games, Heartless will come in all shapes and forms based on the world they’re in. Fighting using a unique style and requiring Sora to change tactics based on those patterns. Donald and Goofy can hold their own and provided much-needed support. If Sora builds enough of a combat meter he can perform specialized attacks such as Mad Tea Cups or unify attacks with Donald or Goofy. Sora can also boost his own power with a temporary second form.

It’s clear that the developers wanted combat to feel more streamlined. Chaining together attacks to gain power for even more devastating abilities, without having to slow down. At first, it can be overwhelming but eventually, after learning the controls it becomes second nature and will starting combining magic, melee, and other abilities for one endless chain.

After playing Kingdom Hearts III I came away with nothing but positive feelings. The combat is strong, the best it has ever been, and the impressive array of summons, fighting styles, and moves light up the screen with blasts of color. It was hard not to get sucked in then the demo ended and I wanted more.

Kingdom Hearts III launches January 29th for Xbox One and PS4.