Back in 1984, Konami released Hyper Sports, a sequel to 1983’s Track & Field and now a reimagining of that classic title is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Complete with a fully realized single-player campaign and an array of competitive modes.  Hyper Sports R builds on the same foundation as the original games with simple controls and competitive gameplay.

Currently, Konami revealed that Hyper Sports R will include VolleyBall, Javelin throwing, 100m Hurdle, Hammer Throw, 400m High Jump, and swimming. More events are promised and with over 20 characters players can pick an array of avatars to compete in.

Hyper Sports R will support Pro Controller and Joy Con. Motion controls such as running using the Joy Con’s motion sensors were responsive and easy. If you prefer traditional controls the option is available as well and it plays just as well.

A fully featured campaign will launch with the game. Included is the ability to recruit sponsors to aid in your campaign and allies. With branching paths leading to different teammates. Konami also confirmed that the game will not include any microtransactions.

My time with Hyper Sports R was short but informative. The game controls very well either with traditional controls or motion controls. Animations were smooth and when playing with a second player things got heated and we attempted to one-up the other in each event.

Hyper Sports R is launching for Nintendo Switch but no releasing window was provided.

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